lots of shoes on sale

  1. I saw so many chanel shoes on sale today at my Saks (huntington, ny), they had the wedged cork quilted sandals in blue patent, black patent round toed sandals, lots of the naked flats in silver and black, some other chunky naked type sandals and some others and i cant remember.
  2. wowww thanks.. I wish I live in NY..=)
  3. man i wish i lived in NY!! thanks for the heads up
  4. cool, I might check it out.
  5. what is the discount
    is it still 30% or have thet dropped again
  6. im pretty sure its still 30%
  7. anyone know when Saks second cuts are?

    i want those navy wedges, but i'm not sure i'll use them enough...
  8. thank's for posting!
  9. baglover26- do you reccomend any particular SA in shoes? i am calling the second we get word of second cuts.
  10. thank you for posting.
  11. Sorry, I dont usually buy shoes from Saks, but I hope you get the ones you want, it will be a great deal once they go on second cut, goodluck!

  12. Well, we don't have that many Chanel shoes here to choose from..pretty sad :sad:...wish I can just jet off to NY now.
  13. Anyone know when the second cuts are at saks?
  14. Do they have Chanel Bags on Sale in Hunnignton, New York?
  15. thanks. i'm going to call my saks first (i'm out of the country), and if they don't have the wedges, i'll call yours. hopefully i get them! :wlae:

    someone said their SA said second cuts are next wednesday (not tomorrow).