Lots of return policy questions?

  1. Hello all. I am an occasional seller on eBay. Basically, if I get bored with something or if I need money I will sell. Right now I am selling a (used) well-known bag from a newer designer (I don't think the bag has been faked as a search doesn't bring anything up on ioffer) and keep getting questions about my return policy. I've sold in the past, and this is the first time I have gotten so many questions about returns. The auction says no returns. Most of the questions are from people with under 20 feedbacks. I've been explaining that I don't accept returns, but that I might consider adding a policy, but that if I did I would have to charge a restocking fee to cover all the eBay and paypal fees. I am leaning towards keeping my no returns policy because I don't want to have to worry about refunds, reselling (and potentially having the bag sell for less), and reshipping. I don't do this for a living (which is clear from my feedback) so I really don't have the time. And when I sell, I usually do need the money so I would hate to wonder if the money would have to be refunded. What do you all think? Should I add a return policy with a restocking fee? Or just keep to my no returns policy? Thanks for your help!
  2. :supacool:A long answer but for what it is worth, I think NO RETURNS means NO RETURNS. If you were a mega store or something or huge powerseller, perhaps you could do returns, but even the trusted big guns of designer bags like hgbags keep to a no returns policy. (However, she did let me exchange a bag once, because I absolutely couldn't make the GH Vert D'eau City work for me. and I traded for Sandstone GH.) People should read and reread the listing ( I now put this in my listing several times: PLEASE READ THE LISTING CAREFULLY AS THIS IS A FINAL SALE) and look at pix and be super sure before bidding. I am talking about sellers that have good reps and fb and know that what they are selling is real. Returns are a hassle and a lot of the time it is simply buyer's remorse. If they know they are buying a "keeper," then they are more likely to be serious about really loving it before buying. Like when you are in a store and it's final sale/no returns, you make sure you LOVE the item before buying it, right? This is just one person's opinion, of course but I don't sell that much, I mostly consume. But when I do sell, I want to be paid and not hassle with returns. Usually I have to pay off another bag or bauble I have bought and I do need the $$. In addition, as mentioned above, eBay and paypal fees are pretty steep these days...:tender:

  3. Keep to your returns policy of no refunds. I get asked alot and I tend to say, 'I am selling this as I no longer want it, I am not a shop and dont want the hassle of returns and relisting, but If you would like more photos of the item to make sure it is the item you want please send me your email address!'
  4. Thank you both! I am going to stick to my no returns policy. I am not a store! :p
  5. I only offer returns "if the item is grossly misrepresented." I provide lots of clear pics, very detailed descriptions (even erring on the side of caution), and I've never had anyone request a return. I say stick to your policy:tup:.
  6. I'm a huge buyer, have only sold maybe 3 items, and not for several years. I agree that it's not necessary at all for an infrequent seller to offer returns. That said, I do tend to view the auction favorably if a seller allows returns for gross misrepresentation or authenticity. If you have tons of pictures and the receipt, I can't imagine that anyone could make a legitimate claim for either of those causes.
  7. Personally I never consider a seller's return policy when making a purchase on Ebay. I realise that I'm not buying from a store so I wouldn't dream of trying to get a refund simply because something didn't fit or I didn't like it. That's why you buy cheaply from EBay instead of buying from the store.
    As for authenticity or misrepresentation, I pay with Paypal and I know my rights so again it's not something I value a seller giving a policy for. It's an obligation on their part not a service.