Lots of Pradas on Overstock.com

  1. Including what appears to be a white bowler gauffre in lambskin, and a bunch of other stuff!
  2. Thanx!!!...I'm going to check it out!!! I've bought from here before and it is legit...
  3. Use this code for an extra 10% off "85721".
    Great Deals!!
  4. do they have a reputation for having a bit of a "mix bag" come to authenticity? i heard that happened with some online retailer/s although apparently they did not know that they were selling fakes, which were mixed with authentic stuff....
  5. they do not ship outside of the US do they....? ARGH... :censor:
  6. I didn't realize they didn't ship outside the US -- that's so sad ! They're prices are always amazing. Have not bought a bag but did get some suede prada wedges earlier this year.
  7. thanks I will check it because I don't have any prada yet.I am planning to purchase one.
  8. well, as i tried to fill in shipping and billing details, there were no room for any details that are not in the US. and shipping was stated as $1 and could not be changed. when clicking expedited shipping, the details required seem to be US ones as well (there were no options to place international details). if anyone know this to be untrue, please let me know. i don't think i have missed anything, but just in case.... thanks!
  9. They used to ship to Canada...:crybaby: