Lots of Power to you.....SonyaPhi

  1. I have started this thread for Sonya. She is going thru a tremendous amount of strife right now.
    All I can realize is that God is setting her up for great things in the future via this experience.
    Please use this thread (subscribe!) as a kind of daily affirmation for her.......
  2. I started this thread to help build Sonya into a strong, brave, woman. Please use this to only encourge Sonya in her time of need. The other stuff can go in her original thread (asking for advice) I ask that you contribute only uplifting, helpful thoughts/suport . I would love to think that she can go into this thread every morning read some little tidbit that would get her thru the day.
    And Sonya, remember, tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Live in the moment.
    Huge, huge hug.
  3. Sonya....please know that there are many, many people who care about you and are offering their love and support through this painful, difficult time. We are only a click away! Just remember what Mammy said about Scarlett in my favorite movie, Gone With The Wind:"What that child got to stand, the Lord give her the strength to stand." I have always found that line to be comforting for some reason and I hope you can draw some hope from it as well.
  4. Thats a lovely thought Bag :flowers:

    To Sonvya,

    Try to get through one day at a time, remembering "& this too shall pass"
    The dark clouds will clear & the sun will shine again for you.
    You will be happy again.
    Stay strong! :heart:
  5. Hugs to you this morning...hope your day is going well
  6. ur in my heart dear ... *hugz*
  7. You're in my thoughts and prayers, I hope with all my heart that things work out for the best for you and your children :heart:
  8. Stay Strong sweetie...have a good day, I will be thinking of you!
  9. *hugs* wishing you a wonderful day :smile:
    you're always in our thoughts :flowers:
  10. HUGS to you..We are all here for ya girl..ANYTIME!
  11. Still thinking about you and praying for you and your family. Focus on your wonderful children, they will keep you strong!
  12. **hugs**to you. will keep you in my prayers. i know you're going through hard time now, but you're a strong person and will get through this. :flowers: sending 'girl power' & 'mommy power' to you!
  13. You'll be able to come out of this stronger, Sonya. Talk to Him and trust that he wouldn't put us in situations we can't handle. HUGS***

  14. I'm sending you a hug! Have a wonderful day! Know that God is with you. \
  15. >>>sending *hugs* and positive vibes your way>>>>>