Lots of pictures-My spy London trip

  1. Well here I am again doing my reporter bit on my trip to London....lol

    Here are some pictures of the spys and other bags I saw, the LE with feathers is way over the top and at a cost of £4,650 - $9,000 I think I shall pass. Theirs this, which I think looks like a doctors bag in python its the most stunning small bag the colours of the brown python are amazing and was very tempted it costs £2,000 - $4,000, now if this was in a spy it would be so beautiful.

    But the bag I was most blown away by is this one with the zucca print and little like round dots over it, take my advice if ever you see this bag pick it up and hold it, its like magic. When you are not holding the bag, it does look beautiful and it is a LE, but when you pick it up its like a thousand sunbeams shotting of it. These little circles of suede have a copper bead in the center of them, these hit the light and its like your own christmas tree being lighted up. Anyway very very tempted to get one, trying to decide now.cost £2,640 - $5,300
    I did get some Fendi sunglasses anyway enjoy the pictures.
    137_3720.JPG 137_3721.JPG 137_3722.JPG 137_3719.JPG 137_3724.JPG
  2. here are pictures of the bag I want and my sunglasses
    137_3726.JPG 137_3727.JPG 137_3728.JPG 137_3732.JPG 137_3725.JPG
  3. you're right, they are beautiful bags! Do you think you'll be getting that spy? The convertible bags are growing on me, I really like them now!
  4. Glad you like the bag, yes I am considering getting this spy. The bag is very very classy, I have been trying to think what it reminds me of and I think it looks like a load of barnacles stuck on a rock.....lol, I just find the bag stunning when you pick it up, I was walking around the store with beams of light twinkling away, if I get it everyone, you know I shall need shoes to go with it....lol
  5. SAICH -- I have always thought that zucca looked good in the stock photos, but your description and pics really put it on my :tup: list.
    First time I noticed some unusual attributes: Black leather & black braided handles are unusual with zucca....very unique.

    The feather LE Spy...What were they thinking?? :lol: I think I will go throw up some where...:yucky:

    On the sunnies, oddly enough (OK perhaps not so oddly...:graucho:) I have a pair with the Cognac spywand sides to it...very cool and the lenses are very Italian looking on me...when I wear them sort of makes me feel like I'm taking a Mini-vacation in Milan or something...:rolleyes:
  6. That feather bag looks like a hot mess. The zucca bag is lovely.
  7. Saich - I like the gold studded with the black leather better than the brown leather that I've seen. The contrast is more interesting.

    The feathered one... just looks TOO interesting. It would be something I'd have to see in rl first. Not to mention the price tag... But I have to say that I do like it in a weird way. The way the feathers are tucked in around the handles, off the spy "tail" and the little flowers remind me of cherry blossoms drifting in the wind. It is a little too FANTASY-esque for me to ever pull it off.
  8. ooh spy sunnies :heart:
  9. The one with all the feathers, was very weird, that had everything on this bag except the kitchen sink, theirs chains, hanging down, a bird on the back with all these flowers and beads plus the feathers, not for me at all.

    The Zucca one is a whole new ball game love it, but do not love the price....lol anyway it was an interesting trip.
  10. The sunnies... :drool:
  11. [​IMG]

    Saich, there's a purple version of the LE spy bag that you like!! (Kneehighz posted this a while ago)
  12. i can't see the pictures :sad:
  13. Yes I saw that it came in purple also, was not to sure of it, but then have not seen it IRL only in a booklet
  14. I can't see the pics either; is it just me? :sad:
  15. ^ no, it's because of the maintenance yesterday. :sad: