Lots of Pics - new black Purse (and RH LE magenta) - yay!

  1. I went and picked up my new purse (fall 06) from the post office yesterday and I love it already. It's in fantastic condition, really no signs of use at all, and with all the tags, tassles, etc. The leather is really nice (which I was worried about given all the comments about bad 06 leather), though I have a dilemma in that I like the leather on the back even better than the front. I'm just delighted.

    Wanted to share pictures with everyone. Sorry no modeling pics -- I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant and only three pairs of my pants fit at the moment, so I couldn't quite bring myself to take pictures with ME in them.

    Front, no flash

    Back, no flash

    Closeup of leather

    With her LE Magenta sister (I think this has flash, since they're a bit shiny here)

    LE magenta on her own

    LE magenta leather
  2. Oooooh I LOVE your magenta and the leather on your new Purse too! Gorgeous, enjoy them both :tup:
  3. cOngrats on your new additions~! & your pregnancy! The pics are tad too large to view on my moniter. But, the leather looks great :tup:
  4. I LOVE both of them! CONGRATS!!!
  5. Very nice leather on the purse!! I love your magenta as well.
  6. First of all, CONGRATS on your pregnancy :yahoo:And congrats for your new addition gorgeous bags...Love them all...
  7. Your LE magenta is so, so pretty. The shade of cyclamen pink is just perfect. All of you girls w/ your new magenta bags are making me regret not ordering one, darn it! :p

    If the S/S Magenta looks anything like your bag, I think my resolve will have to give way.

    Edited to add: Missed news about your pregnancy on my first read. A big congrats! Boy or girl?
  8. Love both your new babies! Love the purse style in black... never thought of getting that.. now I may have to... :graucho:
    Congrats on your pregnancy - my little girl loves my magenta... :tender:"mommy's pink purse"
  9. Wow, the leather on your PURSE is amazing!
  10. your magenta is so pretty! it's such a great bright pink :heart:
  11. ooo :drool: lovely!
  12. I love the purse!!!
  13. wow~~~ i love that magenta~~~~
    the black purse too!!
  14. I think that 06 black leather is consistently beautiful - and yours confirms that! Congrats!
  15. Thanks all! Don't know yet if it's a boy or girl - amnio is on Oct. 16, so hopefully all will be well with that and I'll find out a couple of weeks later. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    I am totally in love with the Purse. The leather is like the leather on my Partition, really thick and squooshy. I may need another Purse now...the seller had an equally gorgeous lilac one that she is giving me first dibs on. It's more expensive than the black, and I'm worried about fading, so I haven't decided yet. I find out my annual bonus from work on Friday, so that will probably be my determining factor. Such a slippery slope...