Lots of pics-Ms. Birkin and her tools

  1. How about some pics of the my multi-talented rouge h 30cm clemence. She's my first and I simply adore her. I believe it was love at first sight......:heart::heart::heart:

    A belated thank you to the ever so helpful Hello for all your help in authenicating her.
    029 tool post.JPG 32 tool post.JPG 233 tool post.JPG 231 tools post.JPG
  2. some more pics on the off duty Ms. Birkin...
    225post.JPG 215 post.JPG 210 post.JPG 201post.JPG
  3. Thank you for sharing pictures of your very first birkin. Can most certainly feel your excitment.

    Are you a chef or a restaurant owner?
  4. Interesting pics. Why the cooking tools?
  5. Dear Ms. LTC:

    Congrat!!! Rough H with PH just made the bag POP out; like whip cream on the ice cream....

    Opps.... Sorry, I'm on the diet so NO sweets....
  6. Wow, that is one stunning bag! Rouge H is a classic and so is your bag.

    I'd love to see modelling pics...

  7. No, not a chef, but I have a culinary background and I was in the food related publishing biz before dd. I thought I should have some fun and marry my two passions.
  8. Beautiful bag.... congrats! Are you a chef?
    on your beautiful Birkin, what a beautie....:drool: allover here :smile: ENJOY !!!!

    do you love to cook or are you a chef?

    oeps you just answered that question
  10. congrats! she is so pretty! i love that color...sigh. :biggrin:
  11. Gorgeous! but knifes and Hermes make me queezy. I love to cook too but H stays well away lol.

  12. Agree :p.
    Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  13. HAHA, interesting presentation. Love the color, it is gorgeous!!!
  14. :heart:Love your first birkin!
  15. Congratulations! Wear her in great health!