Lots of non-Moto B-bags 199-649

  1. I love this seller. Great stuff, great variety, great prices, great service. they carried some jawdroppingly gorgeous Balenciaga watches a while ago. I was so in love, but they were gigantor watches and I have tiny wrists.
  2. ^^ Balenciaga watches! :nuts: Really? Do you happen to remember what price range they were about?
  3. ^It wasn't outrageous in price, but somewhat out there in funky design, exactly how i like it. I'd say less than $350. Could have been less than $300. Don't remember. I would have bought both of them in a heart beat if they weren't so huge.
  4. Thanks Deco. Those sound nice. Wish I could see them!
  5. what do you guys think about the tan messenger bag in suede, corduroy and cotton? I kind of like it - maybe for traveling?
  6. Thanks for posting those links Deco. The prices were good, but those watches aren't really my style. :sad:
  7. OMG! Did you check out the mirror on the aviator bag???!!! So funny!
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