Lots of new tokidoki! Latte shirt dress & more

  1. at www.bazaaradriatic.com.
    They have the adios and ciao shirt in all sizes a cute light blue latte shirt a all over print dress and a few other new shirts.
    (end public service announcement)
  2. They are so cute.
  3. Yeah, they're wicked cute! The dress was a big surprise. I don't usually do spaghetti straps, but I'm going to try it with a tank or t-shirt under it.
    Hey west coast people, WAKE UP! you're missing out :nuts: :yahoo:
  4. Aw, I got all excited about the dress...but I don't like all-over prints. Oh well, there are still about half a dozen t shirts I want. :smile:
  5. I think Tokidoki is one of funnest newer lines out
  6. :sad: sorry to get your hopes up. I'm not sure if I'll like it either but I think it might look cute with my little brown shrug over it. If not I'll send it back. I see that XL is already out of stock so somebody will be happy either way.
  7. Thanx for the info!! Why is that website always super slow?? Do you have any problems w/it? It's soooo slow 4 me that i can't even shop there!!

    I've seen the dress, MetroPark had it. It's okay but not for me. :graucho:
  8. It'll probably be cute...I'm just weird in that I almost never wear prints. :smile:
  9. I thought it was just me! It's really slow...
  10. That site always sucks. I think their server is on a Commodore 64.
  11. :roflmfao: That was a good one Gina!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
    Too too too funny!
  12. It's always slow, it makes me frustrated, but I like that they do paypal and I don't have to dig around for my credit card.
  13. that dress is cute but i think if i were to wear it, my bf would make fun of me non-stop!
  14. I had a BF like that... then I married him and stopped listening :yes: