LOTS of new stuff on rakuten! Blue inclusion, mens' wallets, A La Folie, etc...

  1. wow, awsome! thanks for the post karman!
    didnt know this site before... full of japanese.
    i have not seen the wallet before!
  2. woo I love the blue inclusion phone charm & perforated logo on men's wallet (2nd one).. thanks for sharing!!
  3. i love the blure inclusion
  4. wow thanks! i gotta get the wallet for my bf!
  5. Thanks for sharing!
  6. oh I love that wallet! I wonder how much it retails for?
  7. Thanks! I can get DH a new wallet! I like the smaller one!
  8. thanks Karman, I love the second wallet (need to convince Mr label he needs this)
    The earrings & phone charm are going on my list
  9. Thanks for the pictures!
    I love the Blue inclusions!
  10. My LV had those new mens' wallets on display in the window last week. Very striking in real life. I didn't ask the price but I think EmilyK and Junkenpo did.
  11. I want to get a piece from the la folie line....love the bracelet, ring, and necklace!! Not sure what to get!
  12. I have to have that bequia pocket organizer!!!!