Lots of new stuff at the outlets!

  1. Okay I just got back from Woodbury Commons in NY and there was a ton of new stuff! Thanks to those of you who mentioned January 2nd!

    I didn't get prices on everything, and some might be slightly off, but I was trying to remember alot of things.

    All of these were in the clearance section so take another 20% off :tup:

    Small flap sig bleecker: $119.99, chocolate, khaki/black, and black.
    They *might* have had leather, but I didn't notice it.

    Small zip bleecker sig hobo: $109.99, khaki/black, and black

    Small zip bleecker leather hobo: $129.99, black and I think rust or british tan, I didn't look very close

    Hamptons sig medium carryalls in khaki/dark brown, maybe mahogany

    Hamptons sig small hobos & another small style in khaki/(again dk brown) and black I think these were only like $109.99... in that ballpark

    Hamptons leather embossed carryalls & hobos in red and a dark brown... didn't get the price on any of the hamptons, sorry!

    They had alot of hamptons & bleecker wallets that were just in the boutique. Saw lots of colors chocolate, khaki/gold, khaki/red, khaki/dk brown... there were alot of wallets in all sizes.

    Signature studded gallery totes in gold & chocolate... I believe they were down to $299.99

    Leather gallery totes in black, and a dark brown were marked down to $299.99

    Lots of patent mini skinnies & wristlets in magenta, teal, red, and brown. Minis were $29.99 and wristlets were $39.99

    The legacy stuff was almost completely gone. Just a few small bags in white and natural.

    As for keyfobs, these were all $24: snowflake, snowman, winter boot, penguin, the little photo snap in raspberry lurex, silver lurex, and the legacy stripe.

    There was more stuff, I tried my best to remember as much as possible. Definitely get to your local outlet if you're interested in these things :yes:

    I'll post about my amazing find in a little while :yahoo::yahoo:

  2. OMG! I wish I lived in NY... thanks for all the info!
  3. TO ADD--

    Oh and there is ONE Heritage stripe tote in pink/khaki for $255...I got to hold it!!! (I was there around 3pm.)

    There was ONE Leigh (or Gigi- the woman was holding the bag with about four others so I couldnt see the front of it) in dk brown/chocolate signature.

    Great deals today though! Like sissabelle said, Bleekers and wallets that looked like they just came from the boutiques :smile: :smile: I was acutally happy I went today- wish I had more money to spend! LOL
  4. :nuts:
  5. I've said it once and I'll say it again...WHY NO OUTLETS IN LA? :crybaby:
  6. There's one in Camarillo.:tup:
  7. Man, I hate that we don't have outlets in Canada!!! There is nothing on coach.com I want right now but I see tonnes of outlet posts of items I would love to have and have no way to get. GRRRRR!!
  8. We must have crossed paths, because I BOUGHT that heritage stripe tote LOL... I wish I had extra $$ to buy more stuff, but that made my day.

    I saw a large chocolate sig flap that's on coach.com right now on the table with the hamptons carryalls... maybe that was it?

    Woodbury has finally had some great stuff over the past month!
  9. Yea...but with LA traffic it takes forever to go there. Too bad I wasn't into coach when I went to school in Santa Barbara.

  10. I'm not sure what time you go, but I've gone many times and I live farther out from Camarillo than you and it takes about 1 MAYBE 1.5 hours.

    I should have gone to see what was up there!
  11. Thanks for posting- going to foley and gulfport this weekend. Maybe they will have at least half of the deals you mentioned
  12. I hear there are Coach Outlets in the Carlsbad Outlets and/or the Desert Hills (Cabazon) Outlets, would any of those be closer for you?

    I used to live IN Camarillo but I wasn't into Coach at that time, I regret not buying Coach then! But my sister (and parents) are still in Camarillo and they're only 10 min. from the Outlet so I send her there all the time to check things out for me. *LOL* Unfortunately, there are NO COACH OUTLETS IN ARIZONA!
  13. That's really funny! I was looking at the bag in the back near the entrance to the backroom with the SA Ann.

    This is what I thought the bag I saw the other lady with was



    in bown.

    Yay! :smile:
  14. Ohhh okay. Yeah I literally looked at clearance, didn't see it... made one more quick circle and there it was. So I grabbed it FAST lol. I was surprised how crowded it was for being after the holidays & a weekday.

    Oh wow I'm kinda glad I didn't see that then cause if it was the shoulder bag I would've had a serious dilemma :lol:

    I saw 1 of these in chocolate sig:

  15. WOW! I was the 1st one in the store at woodbury today (didnt realize they dont open until 10!) and they had SOME but not all that you mentioned. They had the studded gallery totes, bleecker sig small flap bags (black w/ khaki & chocolate- no black/black), heritage stripe totes but only in khaki w/ brown stripe, bleecker wallets (couldnt believe it!!!) all the winter keyfobs, one travel keyfob, one sig stripe pouch, lots of hamptons wallets & mini skinnies, etc. i couldnt believe all the signature or the fact that they had anything good. usually woodbury leaves me feeling very disappointed but today i left w/ two huge bags of stuff! Def go there SOON if you can!!!