Lots of new lovelies -- griege, cornflower, sky blue

  1. Once the bug bites, it's baaad. I'm hiding these from my husband, so I'm sharing them with you!




  2. Love them all! Gorgeous! Like you sweet cat too :love:
  3. The light blue is actually ICE blue, not sky blue! gorgeous!!! Love the greige and ice blue sooo much! two of my favorite colors actually!

    :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:

    congrats! your collection population is EXPLODING! haha!
  4. oooooooooooohhh! Love the ice blue clutch! Love the whole collection. Kitty is TDF also. what a joyous picture of so many things to love all in one shot!
  5. I love it! So glad the ice blue babies arrived to you so quickly :yes: Can't wait to see your collection grow! ;)
  6. Very pretty!! I love the colors together (I like your bedroom colors too!)
  7. So I'm not the only one hiding bags from the husband :P

    he's only seen the Griege First...
  8. Beautiful!!! I love the first.
  9. Thanks, everyone. And special thanks to Jennifer for the ICE blue beauties.

    Also, nice to know I'm not the only person hiding my purchases from the spending police.
  10. very nice! congrats!
  11. So pretty!! I didn't know the ice blue boobie/planet was that big (was imagining a smaller one for some reason). :heart: :love:
  12. very nice! congrats!
  13. Nice buys, congrats! (I love the planet)
  14. What a beautiful collection!! :heart: I esp. love the greige...awesome color!! :yes:
  15. WOW! Gorgeous colors! Although I think your cat is looking at the bags like they might be dinner... LOL