Lots of new items in coming soon.

  1. Hmmm really not impressed...! Good thing really I suppose, can enjoy my recent purchases and save the pennies for something else!

    Very weird range though... Snake plaque looks strange, and the turtle...! I quite like the tweed... But wow... Nearly the price of a Chanel!
  2. Love it......Guns was planning on making me one from her Grandma's carpet....maybe you could have one too...They may be slightly cheaper :lol:
  3. Um... whatever happened to Mulberry? It used to be so classy, hard wearing and well designed and this is just so... wrong. Seriously, my wallet is safe unless I decide to plan a trip to one of the outlets for a past season goodie!
  4. Wow.. I'm impressed if guns' carpet looks like flame exotic tweed....! :giggles:

    Put me down for one too please.... d
  5. Not my carpet, my grans:smile: My parents definitely had something similar in the 80s too!
  6. Ha ha sorry guns... Think I'm in the minority here liking the tweed... also just had a proper look and the normal lily
    is only 795!! :biggrin:
  7. Yeah, nothing there looks nice. The print on those Alexas is terrifying and petrol and flame don't match with anything in my wardrobe.
  8. How would the zig zag bag open? As far as I can tell it looks as though you'd have to remove the tassel to open it as there's no way it would go through the hole in the Postman's lock... or am I missing something?
  9. I really like the Taylor mini satchel in the mustard type colour, has anybody seen that colour
    in real life?
  10. Good question. Maybe it is magnetic.
  11. Like the chain strap bracelets and nothing else, surprised not to see Alexa in the lovely Petrol blue colour though?
  12. I think the tassel is above the lock, so you'd need to move the tassel to the side to undo it
  13. Wonder how much the zig zag bag will be reduced at in the sale cant see them selling many of those