Lots of new items in coming soon.

  1. That's it really, going for a long look.
  2. Actually it proved to be a short look. My money is very safe and I am very happy to have made my recent purchases. I got one of the last black roxannes from SM after the recent post about them being almost sold out. My lovely husband ordered it for me on Saturday when I told him as it's the only mulberry bag he actively likes. Think after a quick check over it might be going away for Christmas which is fair enough as I got the bf bays so recently. What does everyone else think of the new stock?
  3. My money is completely safe, I don't see anything that tickles my fancy really.
  4. I like the tweed style larger lily, but at £1100, no chance I'm afraid!
  5. They do all seem to be very expensive. I wish Mulberry would update their website so you could zoom in on items and also make it easier to navigate, It's quite clunky. I'm sure they must be able to afford to hire a web designer.
  6. Oooh I wish there wasn't anything I liked but apart from still lusting after an oak Daria satchel or medium hobo I just spotted the versions in petrol! :drool: I also would love to get the iphone case and travel wallet in pink glossy goat to match my cosmetic purse but am not paying the current silly prices, will wait and see what they go on sale for in December.

    I finally handled a Del Rey and Bryn in real life when I went for a wander in HoF today and wasn't very impressed - was especially disappointed by the Bryn as I loved it in pictures but the locks are really tiny in real life and think it is ridiculously overpriced for the size :nogood:
  7. I like the look of the black smooth touch Zigzag bag (it has studs on, therefore I'm sold!) but £1750/£2000?! What?!
  8. Mmmmm all the weird ones from the fashion show appearing now...... I predict all will be in the sale- at 50%off to shift them or they will languish in the outlets for years
  9. I don't like the turtle plaque, is it supposed to represent something?

    Nearly £1k for the Maisie!

    The silky snake Alexas were popular last season but the snake plaque just doesn't look right to me this season.
  10. hehe! - I rather like that little turtle chap!.....but my taste is a little quirky at the best of times!!:graucho:

    .....but, yes, the prices are really becoming silly aren't they?.....
  11. I like the black silky snake continental purse.
  12. I agree about the snake plaque, it looks too much. All of these bags are way too trend led for me. I would never spend so much on these kind of designs, the potential to go off them is huge! Also orange and blue are two of my least favourite colours, so I'm safe!
  13. I like the Maisie clippers but not the price - they seemed to be getting more and more expensive. And how can a Maisie clipper and Maisie camera bag be the same price? Bizarre. It was going to be my new season purchase but now I'm not so sure.

    Am hoping the Maisie totes are cheaper!

    But do love this scarf :smile:
  14. Phew, my money is safe with this bunch as well.
    I just don't 'get' the Maisie. And the prices of some of the others put them way out of my reach.. (good thing I don't love them then).