lots of new inventory at Saks Phoenix chanel

  1. Just today while pikcing up my black 228, I saw two snakeskin flaps, rose and beige - stunning! Two bubble quilt bags -the small flap in khaki and the medium flap in white/beige, also the large Drill in both Black and Silver metallic and the green metallic perforated n/s flat tote that is from the drill line. Also had three small madison flaps, red, white and black and a beige expandable drawstrong tote. OOH, also an ivory lambskin jumbo flap with silver hardware, it was AMZING!

    Also had several of the new Modern chain bags with the acrylic chains, a black caviar jumbo with G/H, a medium white caviar flap with s/h, the new accordian flap in white caviar (stunning) and both a brown caviar medallion and brown caviar GST. I think she also had a white GST too. there was also a medium black patent secret label bag, love the pearlescent black of this bag! lots of wallets too!

    She also had a small zip pochette in the coral embossed patent and a matching card case! too much too list! Since we do not have a chanel company store boutique in Arizona, Saks has tremendous inventory. Ask for Maddy 602-955-8000
  2. Wow so much to choose from ... thanks for posting!
  3. Thanks for letting us know :smile:
    Hey - post a pic of your black 228!!
  4. Did you really see a brown caviar Medallion? I thought that color was discontinued in 2003!
  5. Thanks for the report. That ivory lamb jumbo sounds yummy.
  6. So they have the coral pink camellia card holder??????? I am I understanding this right hahaahhahahhaha

    Thats my chanel :smile: love it hahaha
  7. thanks for posting. Love your black 228, I love big bags!!!!:tup: Is it form s/s08??? I only saw black w g/h in Canada, do they come in s/h too???:confused1: I was told that there will be a matte black w s/h in Act II, is it the one??
  8. Wow, the ivory lambskin jumbo sounds amazing :drool:
  9. Wow! So much temptations! Thanks for letting us know.
  10. LOL, that has to be a return!:lol: Maybe it was the bordeaux medallion. :yes: I had to do a double take when I saw the bordeaux in the store because it looked more brown than bordeaux to me.
  11. I was there last week and fell in love w/ their inventory espec their Cerf totes.

    I really like Maddy! She's nice!

  12. IIRC the last time I saw it, I thought it was a bordeaux.
  13. I think she saw one like this. Chanel is supposed to have coral ones for these.

  14. thanks for the headzup.
  15. correct, it was this one in the coral, my three year old son even said he thought it was pretty! plus the had the matching pochette!