Lots of new bags added to the website...

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  1. ...including the Mabel in aqua :heart: (which is my new lust - it's a proper turquoise aqua, not light blue), the Jody in Seville (scrummy) and some plain vinyl totes.
  2. OOOh would anyone ever so kindly be able to cut and paste a picture of this mabel for me? Please, I would love you forever!!! Im still not able to get on the mulberry site as I cant get flash to work on my computer (even got my dad on the case last week as hes a computer whizz but still no luck : ( )
  3. Hula,just had a quick scan about,I think its so new there are'nt any other pics other than the Mulberry site ones,and I can't rip them as they are protected,sorry hun!!!

    But I'm so in lust with the mono Mabel.oh dear.
  4. Love the colour of the pink patent Bayswater but not that it's patent. :nogood:
  5. Here they are, the aqua is amazing! And I love seville, such a rich and warm colour. The Vinyl totes are inspired by Poppy, I like them better than the Roxy vinyl totes, but would rather go for leather when it comes to Mulberry.

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  6. That aqua Mabel is gorgeouoso but it looks like antiqued leather - what a pain!
  7. Yep, antique leather - they even say on the website that it will scratch easily. But the aqua is beautiful with the silver hw.:love:
  8. I have seen the aqua and patent pink IRL . They are very bright colours and I wonder if you would get tired of them?
  9. I am so in love with the aqua mabel. SIGH.
  10. Thanks, the aqua does look fantastic, it would make a great summer bag!
  11. I just looked at the Mulberry site now, that aqua maxi Mabel is to die for, love it, love it!!! :love: Perfect for summer :drool:
  12. Vicky,how did you get those pics???!!!!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. :love::love::love:
  15. Screenshot - it's a feature that allows you to take a pic of anything on your screen, and also of websites. You just mark the area you want to copy and save it as a picture. I have a Mac, but this should work on PC's as well, I believe :yes: