Lot's of New Addition to NM handbag Sale

  1. They added a lot of bags, most a 50% off but some Beauties; Gucci,

    Look too many to name.
  2. Oooh I'd be all over that D&G crinkle patent bowler if I wasn't BROKE!
  3. yes they have some great bags there to I love the beaded hobo IF in brown it sits great on the arm. Nicer in Person
  4. Ha they have the Gryson maya for $671!!! Three times more than the $224 at Gryson right now! And an olivia for $671 too.

    I love the two burberry tote and satchel they have listed. And the Versace Croc Hitbag is TDF!
  5. I got the burberry red tote during the recent sale, it is really nice. Too big to use as a everday bag though, it really is a "tote".

    How can we buy at these prices when we are used to the additional 50% off??