Lots of Magenta Accessories at Barneys NY/Chestnut Hill

  1. Those of you who might be looking for any of the Magenta w/ SGH accessories (Wallets & Coin Purses) ... there are quite a few at the Barneys NY/Chestnut Hill store. They also had the Coin Purse in the bright blue (not sure if it's the Sky or Electric) with the SGH ... beautiful (and this from someone who is not a big fan of the blue colors).

    Note that the Boston area is due for a Nor'Easter tomorrow, so if they don't answer the phone, it's likely that they've shut down and gone home (we had major gridlock in the City last time).

    Good luck & happy shopping!

  2. ooooo I want! do you remember - how was the leather on the magentas? were they as veiny as the cities that we've seen?
  3. Some were and some weren't. I know ... it's strange, but it seems as though the Magenta is either very veiny (and the leather is dry), or it's okay. Two of the Coin Purses had really dry leather; I told the S/A that I wouldn't buy them because I felt that they needed some lubrication!
  4. I'm contemplating that EB w/GSH....hmm....
  5. i have never shopped at Barney's before.. u can't get stuff they don't sell online over the phone right?