lots of LV pics...MC Marilyn, mini mono looping

  1. [​IMG]
    one of my aunt's mini accessories pochette on the table.
    My mom wearing a cheetah coat holding the MC Marilyn.
    Me carrying the mono mini looping visiting Hoover Dam in Arizona.
  2. thanks for the pics, u all look so glamorous :yes:.
  3. You all look great!!!!
  4. Looking GOOD!!!
  5. very nice..good looking group
  6. Love your pics!
    thanks for sharing :smile:
  7. g:drool:rgeous!!
  8. an LV family~~ hehe
    all of the bags look fab and so do you and your family!!
  9. u and your mom look great with the bags !
  10. very nice, thanks for sharing!
  11. Great pictures.:yes:
  12. All gorgeous ladies, what beautiful genes y'all have.

    Love the purses too .... :tup:
  13. love the purses...espcially the Marilyn...My fav! Your mom has such a good taste.
  14. Nice pics! :smile:
  15. glam!