Lots of Love - Courtney for Harper's Bazaar

  1. treid to find it somewhere else besides Perez, but didn't have time:
    Showing You Lots Of Love

    Courtney Love gets naked for the new Harper’s Bazaar!
    The rock chick was photographed in Paris - on Coco Chanel’s couch - by none other than Uncle Karl himself.
    The pair have kissed and made up since that time earlier this year when Love inadvertently wore a fake Chanel dress.
    The interview between the two is kinda hilarious! Must-have!
  2. i'm sorry but those pics are 100% airbrushed and i dont even wan to buy HB anymore..this is disgusting & i've had enough of them glorifying women like lindsey lohan's mom
  3. O! MY! :roflmfao:

    I honestly don't know whether to be shocked of laugh or what. Karl obviously is forgiving and I can't help but kind of like Courtney's quirks (sometimes).
  4. sorry, i think she's gross.
  5. yeah, i know! that really turned me off too:tdown:

    i used to be a courtney fan in the 90's, for her music, but now...don't even get me started. really. what's she's done to herself, to her fans, what she's done (or more like NOT done) when it comes to her art...:wtf::tdown:

    and i love HB, it's my favorite one. i wish they'd cut stuff like this out. who are they trying to be? us weekly? stop glorifying these trainwrecks who bring it all on themselves, airbrush them and give them a thousand times more respect than they deserve.
  6. Oh yeah, you're totally right.
  7. She's gross.
  8. Never really liked her. I read somewhere that she regretted getting her lips done. I think it was People magazine. Her lips were fine the way they were.

    "iconic rock star"? Yeah, right.

    Coco Chanel must be spinning in her grave. I'd want to burn my couch if Courtney Love parked her naked butt on it!
  9. I thought this was going to be something about Courteney Cox Arquette on the next cover?? To my horrors, it's not! OY!
  10. I agree with you on this. You said much better than what I would have said.:yes:
  11. I actually don't mind the photo BUT I don't know how much CoCo would of appreciated Courtneys nekkid vajajay on her couch. I know I wouldn't want it on mine!
  12. I just can't see Courtney Love as a fashion icon - sorry.
  13. :sick: Karl and Courtney both!
  14. Agreed. That really shocked me how they presented Dina Lohan in their recent issue...
    Photos of dina in a limo, sipping champagne... while another shows her covered in a leopard-skin coat, picking up a necklace off the ground and putting it into her Hermes Birkin, all the while saying "im such a good mother... really i am..."
    bla bla blah...

    I do enjoy reading H.B, but sometimes,... i just dont know what theyre doing...... courtney looks awful...
  15. Ick.
    I like HB for their other features but the celebrities they use are pathetic lately..I mean, I was getting disgusted when they had Paris and Nicole on the cover acting quite flippant about being in jail.