Lots of little things or the one big purchase?

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  1. Hi ladies, just wondering what your approach to jewelry is. I've been saving for the items that I truly love (diamonds!) but now I'm thinking that maybe I should buy a lot of smaller ticket items and have more variety. What's your feeling on jewelry?

    Thanks for sharing!
  2. I share your delemere! What are you deciding about?
  3. I have a list of items that I'd like so I'm working my way up the list as I get older buying the cheapest items first. Hopefully by the time it gets to purchasing the more expensive things then I'll have a better job and more money :graucho:.

    7. If I actually have any money left 10 years later after buying all these things, then a Tennis bracelet would be nice ;).

    6. A GREAT watch, hopefully my 21st Birthday pressie to myself :p

    5. Diamond studs - I'm thinking around 1 carat total.

    4. That cool Cocktail ring I saw in Harvey Nicks.

    3. Pearl Necklace or Bracelet, I'm thinking Tiffany? as I saw some cute ones in their catalogue.

    2. Links of London Charm Bracelet (bought)

    1. Tiffany Tag Bracelet (bought)

    Of course there are other items that I'd love but thats how I work out what to buy and when.
  4. I have always felt that one statement piece is timeless and more effective than lots of little pieces. Nothing looks worse to me than women who wear a ring on every finger and enough necklaces/bracelets to circle the earth if they were linked end to end.
  5. ^Well it's not like she'd have to wear them all at once.

    Personally I always go for many little things - but in your case I'd go for the big purchase, seeing as you know what you want and you'll love it forever :biggrin:
  6. I have a bunch of trinket jewelry. But there are pieces I think every woman should splurge on:

    - the beautiful, timeless watch (for me, that's one <or two, or three :p> Cartier watches)

    - diamond stud earrings

    - pearl necklace

    I think this is the same philosophy I have with purses. I have lots of bags that I like that I spend a good deal of money on. But there's nothing like saving and then finally buying, for me, an Hermes Birkin. It's a whole other experience.
  7. Sharon, I can't decide what I want next so thought maybe I should buy smaller trinkets? I have a couple pieces that I wear out but my everyday jewelry is very basic, diamond studs, wedding set and a tennis bracelet.

    Joey, I love the list! Smart girl. You have a system to your jewelry collection. Good idea.

    Aussie, I agree with you but I really want more variety but can't afford the BIG items yet. Just restless I guess.

    Adrianne, "GO BIG OR GO HOME" yeah, I think that too. But jewelry should be fun? I feel like my jewelry is so basic and bland.

    Lotus, I know what you mean about the birkin! I just bought an H lizard skin wallet and a couple other small items and I'm in love! I'm on self imposed bag ban and just opened a savings account for the h bags. which one did you get?

    Thanks for the replies.
  8. I'd say there are three catagories..

    1. Nice, single-large piece

    2. Layering pieces

    3. matching sets

    I do like to layer and have little things that go together, for that funcky and cute little things for outfits...the matching sets are nice to have and gives the pulled together look...then the occasional bling or two that I cant resist....to wear alone or with just my studs

    With these varities...you cant go wrong and you'll be covered for most occasions and moods....
  9. bagluv, that's good advice. i really want variety of very nice pieces like everyone else but i'm having a difficult time deciding my threshold. save thousands for the piece i love or spend little bits here and there for variety? i like your list. thank you!
  10. I prefer fewer high end items than a lot of trinket jewelry... haven't bought "trinket" jewelry since high school.
  11. Well...as a jewelry designer I of course am going to be a little biased. But personally...I like to have jewelry that matches various outfits. So I have a coral colored necklace that goes with several outfits and a green pearl necklace and several silver necklaces.

    But I also have a classic single pearl drop necklace that can go with anything.

    I don't have diamond studs yet but I have some lovely simple and elegant sapphire studs.

    I do want to save up for a really great classic timeless watch. And I can make my own classic pearl necklace. :smile:

    But I really do like having variety and choices. I get bored if I wear the same thing every single day (except of course my wedding ring).

  12. I know what you mean, its always a tug of war with what your dollar can buy, and if you should save up for something big or give in now and get less.

    I personally hope you can do both. Maybe buy one wow trinket costume fashion piece but still save for the bigger items. Like dont go crazy and spend on a hundred trinkets that all end up dating at the same time!!!

    I love GAS Bijoux jewellery from Paris and this is my trinket brand. The miallage is far and even after years I always get compliments. It is not cheap, but no where near buying a big piece, and it will always hit the spot.

    My delemer is whether to upgrade my diamond which is around 1.3 carats to 3 carats, or go crazy and do a million things with that money (botox money for life!!!, a high end watch, new washer and dryer!!!!!! etc).
  13. Tweetie, thanks for sharing. I don't have a lot of jewelry and I admire it so :heart: I keep thinking that I should wait for the one big purchase but I get restless!

    Casto, I visited your website. Very nice! Best wishes for your continued success.

    Sharon, I have the same dilemma! My ering center stone is 1.25 carats and I desperately want 3! I'll definitely check out GAS. Thanks for the tip! Good luck to you. I hope you get 3 carats, botox, a fancy watch and the new washer/dryer!
  14. i used to b the trinket- both in terms of bags and jewellery. then i realized i could buy 3 guess bags or a Coach for the same $$. what i like to do is save a certain amount for the big ticket items but have fun buying a few trinkets that are v unique too. and there is a place for everything. i mean, at least in canada, no one comes to work every day dripping in diamonds. it is important o have some tiffany silver or more everyday type things too. honora has some gorgeous pearl jewelley that is quite affordable.
  15. i am a big purchase person. I would save up and buy something nice or nag hubby to buy me somethinig nice combining all the occassions into one. i think every woman should have:

    1) a classic watch
    2) diamond stud earrings
    3) a simple everyday necklace, like a diamond cross or circle-keep it simple
    4) layering necklaces like david yurmans
    5) a middle finger ring