Lots of Koobas on Sale!

  1. Kooba has added a bunch of new bags to the Sale section of Kooba.com. I presume these are the leftovers from the sample sale. Still none of the bag I'm looking for . . . but hopefully someone here can find a good deal!
  2. Thanx for the info. I was hoping for a Jennifer. I really really want to get my hand one.
  3. Thanks, I will have to check it out!
  4. Colors available are so-so....I can still find better prices elsewhere though. I rarely buy from the Kooba sale section online
  5. wow... much more variety than before!
  6. Most of those newer bags don't hold too much appeal to me and the prices are still alittle high... but I certainly thank you for the link.
  7. check also Kooba at stylerunway.com...Kooba and other branded bags are on sale!....

  8. Are you sure they are legit? They are also selling LV for like $300...that's a red flag for me...
  9. Those are fakes, unfortunately.

    And they are crazy with those prices! They have a Sienna knock-off where they say the retail is $1500 (which it never was)! They are kind enough to reduce the price to $380. That's a pretty expensive fake.
  10. Oh my, and they are horrible ugly bad bad bad fakes.

  11. Wow, definitely a better selection than usual! Unfortunately, I clicked on black bags only to find out that they're in stock in white. Still, there are some fab deals to be had!
  12. A couple of those bags are on sale at Bluefly right now for less than on the Kooba site. Notably the Julia and the Sloane.


    I want a Sloane so badly right now, but I just dropped $200 on an HH bag, so I shouldn't. We'll see how long I can hold out.
  13. Do you have an Off Fifth near you? Check there for Sloanes- usually about $300. Also, the slate color seems to have a defect too, lots of posts on it. I like the bag in the slate too, but the discoloration is awful.
  14. Hi Daniellejp!
    Just had to say hi to a fellow New Mexican! You're the first one I've seen on here.
  15. Haha, heck no. I live in the middle of small town Manitoba [Canada]. Nobody here has even heard of Kooba. :sweatdrop: Do they have an online equivalent?

    Actually, I prefer the straw. I like the light colour - it goes with everything and oh-so-classy. I used to be a big Coach girl, but I'm liking Kooba much better. The price point is higher, but the bags are so much nicer.