Lots of icky Prada's on eBay...is it a bad idea to sell mine there?

  1. Hi there,

    Please help me! I'm about to list my Prada leather doctor frame bag from Spring '06 on eBay (my first-ever eBay sale!). I did a search there for similar bags so that I can get an idea of how to price it. OMG, there are tons of Pradas on eBay but like 95% are priced between $99-200. I'm guessing they're all fakes!? I'm no Prada expert so I can't tell myself. Is there a general rule of thumb for pricing gently used Pradas?

    Actually, is it a really bad idea for me to attempt selling this on eBay? I have a feeling my beauty is going to get buried and overlooked in that sea of fakes. And I wouldn't even know how to price it since there's nothing really comparable on eBay.

    Aaaaa! What should I do?

    Thanks so much,
  2. Kristy -

    I wish I could help you with this but I've never bought/sold a bag on Ebay. I can say there are a LOT of fakes out there (I saw more fakes than real bags when hunting for a paddy last week) For some reason I think Prada especially has trouble with fakes on Ebay. All I can suggest is set it at an appropriate price and show tons of pictures and any documentation you have to prove it's real. Make sure to watermark the photos on a program like photoshop so people can't steal them and re-list them as their own auction.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, Good luck!
  3. There is an ebay Forum here now..I think this ougtta be moved there to help you...
  4. Prada doesn't hold it's value in resale the way Balenciaga or Chanal or LV do. The are a lot of pre-owned Pradas (authentic) on ebay that sell at the $200 level and below. It's a buyer's market, actually. It's a lot of the new Pradas on ebay that are fake--although there too there are some bargains to be had. With the pre-owned ones, it's a mix of fake and authentic. There are a greater proportion of authentic preowned bags than new Prada bags on ebay. I recently sold my 1st generation grommet Prada--the one with the regular grommets, not the newer aymmetric grommet design--for $250, which was a very good deal for the person who bought it. The nylon preowned Pradas have virtually no resale value (under $100 a lot of the time) and the preowned leather ones tend to go for about $150. I sold my old leather Prada tote a while back and that's what it sold for, which is about standard. I've noticed a brand new authentic frame bag listed on ebay for a while now (not sure if it's there now--I don't regularly check, but sometimes browse specific sellers and come across these things)--she's been trying to sell it for $499, if my memory is correct. I don't think it's sold, but I'm not sure. I doubt it.
  5. I agree with s-e. I buy on Ebay - not sell - but I purchased an authentic, pre-owned but barely used Prada calfskin 'birkin'-type tote that was in excellent condition and retailed for about $1200 a few years ago for $200. That was the starting price and I was the only bidder. That was about 2 years ago and prices have actually fallen since then. Today I agree that bag would only receive bids for $150.

    I purchased a new Prada $1100 tote for $350. Sometimes that style goes as high as $400 but that's about the max.

    Very occassionally there is a $500-700 new authentic Prada - more if it's exotic - but, frankly, Prada doesn't hold it's value like Vuitton, Chloe, Balenciaga or Hermes. Prada is in the 'second tier' of luxe bags with Marc Jacobs, Dior, Tods, Ferragamo and Gucci. Part of the reason for the depreciation is the vast amount of counterfeiting of those brands - which goes hand in hand with the brand recognition - mass market awareness - of the name.

    You could list it with a minimum bid that you'll accept - don't go lower hoping it will get multiple bids. That doesn't seem to happen anymore unless it's a current season sold-out item.

    Good luck!
  6. I've gotten two very nice, brand new Pradas on eBay. One was retail $1095 that I got for $450. It had originally been $800, but she relisted it when it didn't sell and I grabbed it when I saw she had lowered the price. It's a fairly plain, beige hobo style bag but still beautiful (and real).

    The second was $1550 and I got it for $999. Still a lot of money, but it is an unusual style for Prada and I fell in love with it. It was still cheaper than buying it at my usual haunt. They had the same bag full price plus tax for almost $1700, so it was a great deal!
  7. Thanks so much guys! After reading all your posts, I've decided NOT to sell my Prada doctor bag on eBay after all. It just isn't worth the effort to get like $299 MAX for a bag that I had spent $1395 plus tax on. I'll probably hang onto it and try to get some use out of it (hard to do when I'm totally obsessed with my B-bags and YSL Muse!) or give it to a friend. And now I'll make an effort to focus my bag-lust on designers that have better resale value!