Lots of GSTs and PSTs at SF Chanel boutique

  1. I went to check out the trunk show today, but they didn't have too much on display. I'm looking for a classic bag for my next Chanel anyway and they had a ton of stock including:

    black GST with silver h/w!!!
    black PST with silver h/w!!!
    black GST with gold h/w in the old caviar
    white GST with silver and gold h/w
    beige GST and PST with gold h/w
    black medallion with silver h/w
    black and white caviar, black patent, and black satin timeless clutch

    Hope this helps someone out! Call Scott if interested: (415) 981-1550
  2. Is there a bag in particular you are interested in seeing? I'm sorry I don't have any pictures myself, but you can do a search in the Reference Library. There are a ton of pics of classic bags.
  3. where is this SF? thanks
  4. OH OK SF was San Frans. I thought Saks FIFTH LOL
  5. I wish it was Saks! We really need more places to buy Chanel in San Francisco. Only two places are the boutique and Neiman's.
  6. i went last month and they were sold out of the gst with silver hardware
  7. They have lots of items from the classic line with silver hardware. I was there a couple of days ago. It's such a quiet little boutique though and I am SHOCKED :wtf: to read that you can only buy Chanel from two places in SF .......(you can buy Chanel in 8 places in HK...........). The SAs in the boutique are super nice. I like this boutique. :tup:
  8. Miffy - where are the 8 places you can get them in HKG? I always find they never have any new stock in HKG, and always buy overseas
  9. I know! You should feel sorry for me. :sad: Besides the two stores in SF, the only other place I know if in ALL of Northern California is Neiman's in Palo Alto. That's it!
  10. to add to this, my SA in SF just rang me up this morning to inform me that the metallic navy and purple 2.55s are in store now. I forgot to ask her which sizes the reissues were in (i was asleep due to the time difference).

    so if anyone is interested in the reissues, give Isabelle at the SF Chanel store a call. ;)