Lots of green at Cheshire Oaks

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  1. I noticed a thread this morning about Emerald green and this afternoon I went to Cheshire Oaks and they had lots of green bags.

    There was:-
    Emerald large Smithfield
    Green Somerset hobo, shoulder bag, mini shoulder bag, large tote, small tote
    Emerald polished goatskin Roxanne
    Green Poppy
    Green Maggies

    All these were shades of emerald but they were quite different colours.

    Hope this helps someone.
  2. Hi I am going in a few weeks did they have any pink styles?

  3. Hello bagbear,

    Do you remember how much was the emerald roxanne?
    and do you know if cheshire does mail order?;)
  4. There was lots of pink as well. Things I can remember- fuschia patent Mabel, antique fuschia Mabels (large, regular and mini), Fuschia Roxanne tote and A4, crinkled patent somerset tote. There were others but I can't think of them!

    I think the Roxanne was £556 but I'm not 100% sure. They do mail order in the UK.
  5. Thxs the antique sounds nice but fuschia may be a bit too pink for me....
    I will wait and see.
    Thanks again.
  6. Thanks bagbear...)))
  7. Hi,
    I this the same bag as the black and the oak one on the homepage?
    If so, it sounds "interesting":nuts:
  8. Sounds like they have the same collection at Bicester, I just got back from there and I think most/all of what you listed in green was there also.

    Green polished goatskin roxy was £416
  9. Hi,
    I this the same bag as the black and the oak one on the homepage?
    If so, it sounds "interesting":nuts:

    ^^I'm not sure which home page you mean but it is a round hobo. It is a kind of crescent shape with silver hardware and a zip on the front with a silver fob like the rest of the somerset range.

    I really liked it- it was £276
  10. Mine was marked up at £556 when I got it from CO.
  11. I meant mulberry.com :biggrin:, it sounds like the type I am looking for........
    Since I am in Norway, I can not order from outlets, but can only "hope" it will turn up on the mulberry.com :graucho:
  12. #12 Jul 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
    How big are the Somerset mini shoulder bags? Tried looking on Mulberry site but they've all gone now or is it the pouch?