Lots of CHLOE paddington available at CHLOE store in South Coast Plaza

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I went to Chloe Boutique in South Coast Plaza last night. It's in Orange County, California for those who are not familiar. I bought a choco paddy!! beautiful bag.

    Just want to let you know they still have lots of paddy available (I think there are 3-4 choco, 3 whiskeys, 2 blacks, 2 tan, 2-3 silver and athracites). Hurry if you really want it badly!!!
  2. UGH. Worst timing ever! I'm in chicago now. Back in cali, I'm a 10 min drive away. $&%(*&#_$~!!!
  3. How much are the medium satchels there?
  4. $1,594 including tax.
  5. Hi VWS,
    I want the black one. Could you give us a phone # for Chloe Boutique there? I live in Houston. I am not sure where else to get for this Paddington satchels. I went to NM at the Galeria and asked about the Paddy but they are all gone.
  6. Sweetea, it's (714) 481-0308. Good luck and let us know which one you bought.
  7. VWS, how's the Chloe store's warranty? Can you bring it in if the lock starts to chip?
  8. Thanks Irissy. I usually go to the boutique when buying purse so I can see and feel them. I am a little skeptical when buying from internet especially if I am not familiar with it. I went to NM today and checked out those beautifull chanel bags and I was tempted to buy one. I like the paddy too. I am thinking maybe I should wait to buy the Paddy from NM when they become available so I can see and see if I like it. i don't know though when they will become available in the store. I am still thinking but I am going back tomorrow..:idea:. I will let you know what I get it when I decide which one;) .
  9. As I posted in another thread, I was at South Coast Plaza a little less than 2 weeks ago and they had a paddington and a silverado in the window display at Ron Herman. Check there too if you're looking for a paddy. I'm unsure of the price. I'll be there after Christmas, and let me warn you it is CHAOS. There is a mass exodus to there for the after-Christmas sales.
  10. It is chaotic there? Damn, I'm going to SCP tomorrow. :suspiciou
  11. I haven't been there since I went there two weeks ago, but it's been busy this whole month. Tomorrow should be tolerable but the days after Christmas are when it gets truly crazy. MAJOR discounts though! In many cases 50-80% off. It's worth it.
  12. Ron Herman in South Coast has one antracite for 1,720 (I saw this when I purchased my paddy from Chloe store). It's the same price as the one in Chloe store.

    I didn't ask about the warranty. All I know is the sale is final. You only have 7 days to exchange color or get store credit if you change your mind.