lots of chloe bags on bluefly

  1. even tho i know they could possibly be fakes, it's worth it to go look anyway!

    and with a 15% off


    if you want to take the chance... at least you can return them if it turns out to be fake.

    they have a navy blue paddington with silver hardware that's really cute!
  2. That navy blue is from the current season. I returned the one I ordered from LVR because the colour was weird. I wonder why the sudden Chloe sale of current season bags? First NAP, then LVR (still ongoing), and now Bluefly. The LVR prices, even without discount, are cheaper than Bluefly's discounted prices. I would not risk buying from Bluefly what I can order at full price at LVR.
  3. thanks, fayden...I'll go look out of curiosity, but will never buy a designer bag from them again...i've personally returned suspicious-looking fendi to them a couple of years ago...
  4. I don't own any silverado bags, but i find these bags at bluefly very weird looking.......are they really authentic?:confused1:
    Bluefly $2276 Bergdorf Goodman $2150

    Bluefly $1384

    * the upper right pic was taken from BG website
  5. The top right bag is the original, classic Silverado in python. The other 2 are more recent variations: a python Silverado tote (in what I would guess to be the color cafe') and a newer shape of the basic Silverado (which IMO is not an improvement on the original). The styles existed, but whether the 2 bags pictured are real or not, I don't know. LVR seems to have large python Silverado bags on sale, in great colors, for 30% off. Check there, maybe.
  6. rollergirl, silverados are on sale at LVR?
  7. Hi All, I am a newbie in chloe'. Love the new edit bowler, but I think it's a bittoo big for me and am hoping that they will come out with a smaller version. By the way, waht's the website of LVR? Thanks!
  8. Hiya, the website is luisaviaroma.com ::: home page :::
    Hope that helps!
  9. I think it's because Chloe is not as popular as it once was. Two local boutiques have told me that they will no longer be stocking any Paddington styles/variations next season. Probably because most people who wanted a Paddy bought one, so they are now moving on to different designs.
  10. thanks, Laurasaur

    By the way, anybody knows the import duty if we buy bags from LVR? Thanks!
  11. I just received my fake Chloe from Bluefly yesterday and it went right back! Don't bother...plus the aloharag sale is on now!