Lots of Chloe and Tod's at NM

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  1. Unfortunately prices are only marked down about 35%, in order for it to fit into my budget I need to wait until they really get discounted, like 65%. That is when things get interesting :smile:
  2. Thanks for posting it but sadly, they're still out of my price range. I'm usually checking out the "Designer" bags instead. Beautiful bags, though.
  3. We've been spoiled by the greatly discounted prices lately.
    I'll patiently wait for further markdowns as well.
  4. Too pricey!
  5. Yeah the prices are way too high, especially compared to what they were a month or so ago.
    You would think they'd reduce soon??
  6. The four day sale was such a tease! The prices on things are now higher than they were before the four-day sale. I'm willing to wait it out...
  7. I'm hoping they will have reduce the prices for Labor Day?? :hrmm:
  8. hope they reduce it further...want the Edith veryyyy badly...been in this state since January :sad: