LOTS OF CAMBON BAG IN NM NEWPORT BEACH, also should I keep my purshase?

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I am NOT sure if anyone is still wanting a Cambon but today I was at NM trying to continue my quest for more Chanel bags BEFORE the price hike and saw MANY Cambon bags at NM Newport Beach. Here is what I've seen:

    -Mini Reporter in Blk/Blk, Brown/Brown; this one is GORGEOUS)
    -Bowler (Beige/Beige; couldn't resist and got on), Blk/Blk
    -Pouche in Blk/Wht

    And lot more....

    Hope this info helps anyone who still wants to buy this line!!!

    The lady that helped me today; Ms. Cynthia, she is OWESOME (nice and PATIENCE). You can call her at 949-759-1900 ext 2144.

    Also, may I trouble fellow Chanel experts to advs me if I shall kept this Beige/Beige Bowler??? I love it but DH thinks I shall get the classic as he think this bag is NOT HOT???

    Pls. HELP ME as I need to know by TOMORROW, so I can get it exchange for a classic BEFORE the PRICE HIKE???

    Thank you and awaits your EXPERT ADVICES?!
  2. I thought the price hike was just for the classic bags?
  3. oooh a blk/blk, those are goregous.
    i was wondering if anyone knew the measurement for the cambon bowlers, is there like a small version and a larger one.
    i know there are pouchettes, but i'm talking about the bowlers, thanks!
  4. I think these are the measurements for the bowlers.

    11" L x 6" H x 4" W. Straps have an approximate drop of 9."

    8.5" L X 5" H X 3.5" W. Straps have an approximate drop of 5"
  5. I'm not a fan of cambon line. I would prefer classic bags as they will never be out of dated.
  6. Were any of them on sale?

  7. The Chanel in Bloomies at Chesnut Hill, MA has the same bags availables except the mini reported is only available in blk/blk. ;)
  8. Dear Ladies,
    NO, it is NOT on sale that's why DH said I should have buy the classic...

    I think I read in the forum that it was actually on-sale at one point in time???

    I've got the LARGE size one....

    I do like it but since it's NOT on-sale and the classic ones are FOR SURE having the price HIKE, should I get the Blk patent classics that I've saw yesterday instead???

    The Blk patent is like $1795 and this one is $1375 (VERY ROOMY though)...

    HELP HELP, I ONLY have 3 days left as I was told today I can do a charge send and just return the bowler....

    Thank you MUCH!
  9. I would get a classic! Esp with the price hike!
  10. Go for the classic first b4 the price hike...on the other hand,buying something u really luv to hv...
  11. If this helps, but according to one of the Chanel Associates in Palm Desert who have indulged me in the list of what's going up for NOW... at least for now - it's just the timeless classics - and YES he did confirm of FEB 1.

    I pointed to the rest of the displays around the Chanel area and in one wall were the Cambons, he says "those" are not affected by the price increase "for now"...

    Also, in my own opinion... get something that you TRULY will enjoy... don't get pressured to getting something "just because" ! get it because you love it!, get it because it will serve a purpose!, get it because it will serve you! get it because you LOVE it!!!

    Good luck!
  12. Dear Ladies:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your advs!!! I'm going to check my closet tonight, really give a serious thought and make a decision by tomorrow which I'll still have a LITTLE bit of time... Tick tick tick....