Lots of Balenciaga at Short Hill NM

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  1. I was at the Neiman Marcus at Short Hills yesterday, and wanted to let everyone know that they have a lot of Balenciaga (all assortment of sizes, from the City, Medium, Box, Hobo, etc). The colors were tan, black, rustic orange (not sure what the official color name is), emerald green, purple (not ink though), and there was one other that I forgot. I almost purchased a Medium in tan, but decided against it last minute. Just passing along the information.
  2. Is tan the camel/cognac? Was it very shiny and veiny that you can recall?
  3. It was a tan color with leather that looked "crackled". Here is the SA who helped me: Alicia and the number is 973.912.0080, ext. 2164. She was really, really nice.
  4. What purple? Does anyone know what the color is?
  5. Thanks Suli! :smile:
  6. I want to know more about the purple too! More info please!!!
  7. I'm sorry that I am so bad with color names. Had it known it would be so popular, I would have looked at the tag. The Medium bag that I saw about a deep purple color, but I'm fairly certain that it wasn't Ink. Sorry that I don't have more information.
  8. Thanks Suli!!!
  9. That purple might be ink under bright lights? Or could it be an eggplant??!!
  10. ooo that might be the cognac (the tan one)!
  11. I really want a caramel city - I better sit on my hands!
  12. purple? lilac? its a light purple though. pretty sure the deep purple was ink...

    i highly doubt there is any possibility that it was eggplant.
  13. I was at NM on Friday, they had both lilac and ink. The lilac is darker than I thought. There was definitely no eggplant in sight. In fact, the SA was telling me about how she had just bought the ink city bc it had eggplantish undertones and she was still kicking herself for not buying the eggplant when it came out.
  14. Does anyone know what's currently available? I'm really looking for anything in the rouille/rust/orange-red color...

  15. i've made a life changing decision... im moving to the States!!! Just so that i can be closer to b-bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!