Lots of bags at great prices...or save up for just one fabulous bag?

  1. So...I troll the deals and steals boards and in the last 24 hours have seen some outstanding prices on Bulga bags and Kooba Paige bag..I had them in my shopping cart...and I hesitated. For what I was going to pay for 4 bags, I could pay just a bit more and get a bag I am DYING for...the YSL Downtown in violet. I cleared my carts and turned off the computer..

    So I'm wondering....does this happen to others? There was a time I would **never** have dreamed of spending $1000+ on a bag..but I find that a lot of the bags I love also that aren't as high end as YSL are not as enchanting lately. They are still fantastic quality and leather, but I can't possibly use all the bags in my closet for the next year! So I'm asking you, fellow TPF members...many bags at great prices, or ONE fabulous gorgeous fantastic bag once or twice a year?

    I think I am losing my mind since I joined this forum. I am addicted to handbags. Thoughts anyone?
  2. I think when someone is first starting their collection, many bags at bargain prices seems the natural thing....we want variety. This is the stage I am in right now, purchasing Koobas that I love at great prices.

    But later on, once you get a few bags and your choices are wide, your view changes.

    The bar then becomes higher for many and you want that ONE special bag. And what is wrong with that....nothing!

    I plan to set a limit on how much I will spend a quarter on bags and if I want to save up for, say, a Balanciaga someday, so be it.

    Do what makes sense to you and enjoy the journey.
  3. addicted as well, personally i haven't spent that much on a bag, and i really like dooney and coach so for 1000 bucks i could get like 4 or 5 lol!
  4. Both! I used to buy a lot of Coach and Dooney but your taste will change with time. Now I only buy a Coach bag if I really love it, and I haven't seen many of those lately. Now I save for a Chloe or LV. I have less of them but I like them more.
  5. I started with the "large volume at good prices" method (mostly Marc by Marc Jacobs bags), but lately, it's save up for big, 1K + purchases. I think it's a pretty natural progression. I have even been selling off my less expensive bags to help fund my new loves.
  6. In the past I bought lots of bags at great prices :shame: and it certainly shows in my old Coach collection. But currently I am at the point where I would rather get one fabulous bag because I have a lot of variety already. The first time I bought a bag $1000 I felt a little light headed afterwards but it gets easier. ;)
  7. I'm saving up for my next great purchase. I've purchased cheaper bags and the leather just isn't the same, so I end up returning them. I've got champagne taste, what can I say.
  8. thats a hard Q i think it depends if you think you will really get use out of the lot at greater prices or not,,,

    I mean for me i LOVE some bags like the Miu Miu coffer thats about 1600 or a chanel maybe?? and if i stopped buying my "cheaper" bags i could prob save up for one of those in a month,,,, but i fell in love with a kooba that i am acutally getting as a gift but instead of saving that $ for a high end bag (that i was saving for the kooba) i am getting an amazing deal on a coach legacy and im taking it. I have all my coach's from when i started collecting bags and i still love them!
    One day i think i will have that one bag that costs me over a grand but not a lot of them i mean i love my bags and i couoldnt ever pick any to sell for $$ towards one of those high high end bags because i woould miss my bags and i use them ALL!

    so to sum it up haha i think it depends, if you are going to really get use out of the "cheaper" ones and really love them i think its worth getting them and saving slowly for that one love bag, but i wouldnt give up getting my other bags just for that one,,,

    i mean i guess maybe if i were about to buy 2 bags that would equal up to one of my 1600 dreams then i wouldnt do it, but i usually dont spend more then $300 on any one bag cause i find THE MOST AMAZING DEALS! :smile: hehe and can get mostly anything for 1/2 off at least (connectionsss rock!) and so i cant go ok these 2 cost $600, 1600 is only 1000 away,,,, thats a HUGE difference so i just buy my 2 for $600 and dream about the 1600 bag one day,,, :smile: when im rich haha
  9. i've spent more than a thousand on a bag and then realized it was "the thrill of the chase"...right now i own bulga, kooba, marc jaocbs and just got the coach legacy shoulder bag in pond and it's GORGEOUS...so, variety is the spice of life!
  10. O my god SONGOFTHESEA is the pond amazing??!?!

    i am getting the legacy satchel tomorrow and i cant decide POND or WHISKY!
    is the pond only good for some occasions or versitile
    / cause the whisky i think is def versitile but im IN LOVE with pond!
  11. I would pick just the ONE

    I always enjoy them longer, hard question though
  12. Skip buying those $400 bags and save up for the YSL. It's a statement-maker!
  13. but i DONT think you should get the YSL JUST cause its a statement maker,,,,

    make sure you love it

    dont buy bags to impress people buy them because you love them and will KEEP ON Loving them
    bcause if you buy it as a statement youll not love it after a while and then what sell it but loose out some $ :sad:

    so whatever makes YOU happy!!!

    Those $400 bags, are really amazing bags and shouldnt just be skipped over unless you just dont fall in love with them!!!!
  14. I feel that once you're done with the initial phase of the obsession, you spend more money on the one bag you love. Personally, I think it's silly to just keeping buying bags you kind of like just to have a big collection. When you buy bags you really love, you'll use them longer!
  15. One fabulous bag - always.