Lots of B-Bag Sales all Over!

  1. As I was in Louis Boston yesterday (for their 50% off sale ... I posted it in the Deals & Steals), I thought ... WOW ... I've never seen so many B-Bags on sale at so many places!

    It just made me think ... did Balenciaga produce too many bags or were the colors/styles just not appealing?

    I don't know about you folks ... but other than the new Part Time and the Padded (Quilted) bags for Fall, I'm not particular enamored of some of the newer styles (which can be seen on the Balenciaga website - http://www.balenciaga.com/#Id=/Collection/Women/Accessories/Bags).

    Balenciaga has a great picture of the new Part Time bag in the Blue India color ... YUM YUM :heart: :love: !!
  2. Well EVERYTHING in Louis Boston was half off and there really weren't too many BBags so I doubt that's really a sign of anything. They probably just made too many bags though.
  3. NO KIDDING!!!! Other than the Ink Medium-sized Hook bag, I was a little bummed. Obviously, someone beat me to the punch on the Bordeaux Compagnon ... I was steamed because I had told the S/A's to hold on to that for me! There were two Origan boxes available, but they got swooped up by these two gals who had their arms FULL with as many B-Bags as they could get their hands on (how much do you want to bet that we're going to be seeing these babies on eBay soon :hysteric: !!!).

    Hey ... when where you there? I was there from about 1:00pm - 2:00pm ... ended up buying a Black Diamond/18k gold necklace (at 50% off ... WOO HOO :yahoo: :wlae: !!!!) ... *Sweet*!
  4. Hmm I think this is interesting bc in the past, almost all of the Bbags have been very hard to get. To be honest though, I was not a huge fan of any of this past seasons colors & the leather quality was not as great as previous seasons.
  5. I think the issues with the '06 leather really miffed alot of people, and they ended up passing on the bags for the season.....