Lots of Azur Naviglio!

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  1. That is really fresh looking and sharp. I wonder if those flaps would get a bit annoying, though?
  2. love the azur but this bag kinda reminds me of a lunch box/lunch tote...no offense:shame:
  3. I really like how it is in the azur now because it looks really sporty and fresh.
  4. Very cute! I'd wear it as a school bag.
  5. It is so pretty! Is it the same price as the Damier Ebene Naviglio?
  6. That could be a nice travel bag.
  7. Its cute but I am not sure if Iwill like the flappy part on top :smile:
  8. That's HOT! A perfect summer bag! :love:
  9. me likey!
  10. thanks for posting! i love the straps!
  11. I hear it doesn't fit A4 sized documents though :s I guess little notebooks are the way to go?..
  12. oooh that is hot. I wonder if it would fit my laptop?
  13. i'm afraid the bottom part of the strap would get filthy dirty and not be easy to clean. *sigh*

  14. Unforetunatly, probably not....my son loved it, we looked at it last week, but too small for most laptops ;(