Lotions, sprays for your Hermes

  1. Does anybody use any lotions, sprays and other conditioners for your Hermes? I just checked out Mika's blog (Mika is the "spokesperson" for a Ginza reseller) and on her blog, they recommend the following products in order to maintain the bag. For the Fjord leather, they use Renanpur (sp?). And for box leagther, epsom, and other leathers with shine, they recommend the Collonil or Collonil Diamant. They claim that these products don't change the color of the bags.... They said that the Collonil is actually recommended by the Hermes boutique in Europe. To our members in Europe, is this right?

    For the record, I thought it was best not to treat H bags.

  2. I was told, on several occasions, to use Meltonian neutral shoe polish to touch up the bags.
  3. HG, would Meltonian be used on all types of leathers?
  4. Good point, I would be reluctant to use it on the "unfinished" leathers like Vache Naturale, Barenia, and ostrich as it may darken these leathers. KB, I'll ask on Friday and get back to you on this.
  5. my manager always tells me (even though you can use some prodcts) to just leave the bags alone and check her into the spa every few years.
  6. hermesgroupie...what can you use on chevre? Will you ask on Friday for me?

    Thank you.
  7. ^^^Sure
  8. I'm always told not to use anything on my bags unless it's a very damp almost dry piece of soft cloth to wipe down my bags.
  9. This is what my SA told me aswell...
  10. claude said the same thing when i asked him.
    "nothing" and just to bring it in every few years.
  11. ^Does anyone know what to use on chevre?
  12. Oh, for chevre they recommend bringing it in.

    I might add Claude had told me to use a neutral shoe polish. Mind you, the use of Meltonian is merely to touch things up. It's great for cleaning and smoothing out some mild scratches. For major cleaning take it into the boutique.
  13. I found a designer handbag maintenance resource site while surfing...Cleaning Handbags. Interesting info on handbag restoration; also talks about different leathers like goat...etc. You can see what they say...