Lotion in my speedy

  1. My Victoria secret lotion exploded on the inside of my speedy!! Thank goodness I had the purseket in there or it would have gotten all over the sides of it. But it's only confined to the bottom now!! I'm not sure how to clean it out!! It's the minilin, should I just use a damp cloth to wipe it out?! I'm not familiar with this fabric so I'm not sure what to do!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would try the damp cloth first. Good luck!
  3. Whats the lining. I'd "scrape" it out with paper towels and then use a wash cloth. Thats why i never carry lotion in my bags.
  4. yikes! to spin this in a positive light, your bag will smell very nice!

    hope you can get it out.
  5. thats scary. I am always super nervous when I carry lotion in my bag..good luck getting it out!! and I agree..it will totally smell nice now!!
  6. Sorry this happened to you. If you decide to carry lotion again in your purse, place the lotion bottle inside a plastic sealed sandwich bag just in case. Or keep the lotion bottle inside of a make-up case (not cloth).
  7. eeek! maybe i should stop carrying lotion in my purses...
  8. I would also try a damp cloth first! Your bag'll smell very nice though!!!:p
  9. Oh no, I am so sorry this happened. :wtf:

    Well, I am not an expert at this either but I would just wipe it down with a damp cloth (don't rub too hard though).

    So sorry I wasn't much help. :shrugs:

    Hope you can clean it up safely.

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  10. I agree with your suggestion.:yes:
  11. hey....use a damp cloth...and after that, the baby wipes.
  12. i use Natural Blossom.. it work very well with LV and Balen ... etc...

    i can show pic later
  13. I stupidly put my yogurt in my bag on the way out the door to work and the foil got punctured by my keys. Yoogurt spilled on the bottom of my BH. I scooped out what I could and cleaned the rest with Baby Wipes. It actually did a pretty good job. Only a slight stain.

    Good luck!
  14. Hope your speedy cleans up ok.
  15. Sorry that that happened to you, I hope it gets clean