Lotion Exploded in my Bag!

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  1. So I have an effie satchel and my little hand lotion exploded and spilled all over the inside of my bag! :nogood: I didn't know what to do so I used water and washed out my bag. It's drying right now and it looks like it will be fine but can anyone tell me if I possibly just messed up my bag by washing the whole thing with water?
  2. I've never done it, but I don't think it's good to wash it with water.

    However, I remember that one of the members here had left her Mitzy on the bed next to some clothes that needed washing and her husband accidentally added it in the washing machine and it was washed along with the clothes. It was a mess when it came out, but then she put plenty of hand cream on it and it was fine after it had been moisturised!

    I suppose if you have any similar incidents it would be better to try and remove the cream without using water.
  3. I once knocked a whole glass of water into my effie (oak). I left it to dry and it was absolutely fine.

    I hope yours turns out ok!
  4. I think it'll be OK, although the experience may make the leather stiffer and darker. There is a whole thread in the reference library (here: http://forum.purseblog.com/mulberry-reference-library/cleaning-and-protecting-your-mulberry-46801-2.html) about how to rescue your bag following any accidents.
  5. Hey guys thanks for the response my purse is still drying and the leather definitely feels stiffer but I think it will be okay and it's black so there is at least no stains and the color still looks the same
  6. how long did it take to dry?
  7. If it's dry try some Leather Revive from the Furniture Clinic. It really softens it up well

  8. About 24hrs near the radiator on a towel and it came back as good as new!

    How is yours doing?
  9. thanks I will try that because I don't like how stiff it's feeling
  10. It's dry now and it looks fine it's just stiff now and so I'm going to try that lotion and hopefully it will get softer
  11. I hope it goes ok. Let us know how you get on...

  12. Just a useful tip I stumbled across to get rid of water stains. Use neat white vinegar. Get a cotton ball and dab vinegar along the watermarks until the stain is damp and a uniform colour. It worked on my Radley Kildale tote bag, which I accidentally soaked when I left it too near a bathroom sink in a coffee shop. The inside was sodden, and the water soaked right through the leather making the outside very wet and stained in unsighly darker puckered patches with streaked borders when it dried out. No amount of re-wetting with water got rid of the stains. I thought it was entirely ruined until I tried the vinegar solution. When I let it dry again - in natural heat in the bathroom (not with an air dryer or heater) - the bag looked like it had before the accident.
  13. I ordered the revive lotion online so i'm just waiting for it to come and I'll tell you if it makes it nice and soft again!
  14. thanks so much for the help luckily I don't have any water stains maybe because it's black but if I notice any or this happens again to any of my bags I will definitely try your technique!
  15. Fingers crossed , it's good stuff