Lot 8 website (Chloe Dao's store)

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  1. Have you guys visited Chloe's boutique website? Her sportswear and dresses are nice, but nothing like the collection she showed last night.


    There's even an "inspired" Spy on it... :amuse:

  2. i'm so sad i can't se the clothing in her store for some reason.....i went to her page awhile back and i thought the shopping section was down but i guess it's just my computer that's messed up.....can u order stuff online?......if there're any pretty dresses please post photos :sad2:....i'm dying to see what she has and to buy something
  3. I think I would buy a Chloe Dao Spy! most of the clothing online is something you could buy at Forever 21 but the gowns are formal
  4. Thank you for posting, spiralsnowman!

    Understandable that her Lot 8 collection can't showcase her design skills. She probably didn't have as big of a budget to work with.

    I hope this show really lifts her businses to a higher level!
  5. I think she should do away with the "inspired by" Spy. Just my opin.

    I really didn't see anything thing on the site that made me go "Wow! Must have!" I do like this jacket though.

    I think her designs on the site will get better now that she has a bigger budget thanks to winning PR. ​
  6. I sort of hated her final collection but I do love her
  7. i can't see it either. when i click the shopping section it says "webstore coming soon!". i'm confused! :wacko:
  8. Do you girls think Chloe will become a big name designer after winning PR?
  9. I do like her Spring 2005 collection, it looks her design is perfect for petit asian frame. Looking forward to be able to buy it online. Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. Oh she's the winner of project runway, didn't know, good for her.
  10. Oddly, I think Santino and Daniel V have a better chance of becoming big name designers moreso than Chloe. She seems more mainstream and definitely more Forever21 style, not that it doesn't have a place in the world. I just don't see her as a big name designer but more of a practical businesswoman.
  11. i really want to see her designs.. all that worked for me was her past collections.