LOST: Very cute (but not cutesy) snowman in BH

  1. He was on the handle of my purse when we entered Barney's, but was gone later that day when we were having a snack at Starbuck's. :tear! Dd and I retraced all of our steps and left our contact numbers everywhere but of course no one had seen him. Has anyone else ever had this heart-wrenching experience? I've never had a keychain break or fall off my purse before, much less one that cost $170. Thinking of getting a replacement, but am unsure how sturdy these little guys are....:crybaby:
  2. :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I'm so sorry about your cute snowman :sad:
  3. Oh, that's awful! I am so sorry that happened to you!!!
  4. Oh, I am so sorry.....
  5. :wtf:


    I'm so sorry MIZZLE........I've lost precious items like that before and it's such a heartache.......
  6. M, I had the same thing happen to me about a week after putting my cute little snowman on my bag. I was in Virginia when "he" vanished and also DH and I retraced our steps to no avail.
    I have lots of other H key chains and have never had any problems. I thing that H made the snowman key chain with a too-large opening so the chain easily slips out.
    I went to the DC Hermes intent on purchasing another but could not bring myself to spend another $170 to repurchase what I had just purchased.
    I am sooooo sorry for you because I can remember the pain/tears I felt when this happened.:cry: :sick: :cry:
  7. oh i bet that really ruined your day. did you check the car?
    i'm sorry. what an awful moment, when you realized it was missing. so so sorry.
  8. Thanks for your sympathy. He was so dang cute, an xmas gift (from myself!) and it actually it happened the day after xmas. Still traumatized and haven't mentioned it dh and *surprise* he hasn't asked!
  9. :crybaby: TRuly Sorry MIZZLE!! I hope you can find her or it appears when you least expected.

    DH once lost his ring and didn't tell me. Well I was sitting on the sofa with me 1 yr. old at the time and I put my hands in btw. the cushions:push: ( I NEVER DO THIS)...and thought someone left a quarter for my lil. DS to swallow...IT WAS THE RING!!

    Besides Retracing your steps...maybe you can call a few places that you had FOOD AT?? or a STORE's dressing room you went into??
  10. Wow...that really hurts!!!
  11. NHL, how fortunate--dh must have been ecstatic. I know a little snowman is nothing compare to the many precious things like rings that get misplaced. So glad you found the ring!! Now he owes you!

    Sus, thank you for sharing your experience, I guess we have to be extra careful with these snow guys--they're worth it!!

    I don't know if anyone has seen the movie "The Secret," but all that day dd and I were sending out positive energy to "attract" mr. snowman back to us. No snowman, but we did find some killer Prada shoes on sale, though! :yes:
  12. So sorry this happened to you!!! I still feel the pain of losing my reading glasses when I was in High School. I dropped them in a hallway and immediately worked my way back through the crowded hallway but they vanished. :sad: Best wishes that some kind person will find Mr. Snowman and call!!!!! :flowers:
  13. This is just sad... so sorry- hopefully he finds his way back to you, or you get a new one at some point :shame:
  14. so sorry your snowman ran away..I hope you'll find it!!
  15. :crybaby: oh! that really sucks! Sorry!