Lost tonight?

  1. Anyone exicted for the finale, or "over it"?

    Despite becoming increasingly annoyed with the show, I can't stop watching, and I'm really excited about it.
  2. me too, me too!!! I have planned my day around being ready for 9 to roll around. Or maybe its starting early for the two hour thing. Either way, my kids and I will be watching!
  3. I can't wait! So, do you think the boat is salvation, or is it going to be the bad guys (like at the end of last season)?
  4. OMG I can't wait even I'll be writing a research paper during the commercial breaks!

    This finale better rock my socks!
  5. the bf and i spent the last 2 days catching up on all the eps that we missed :smile:. can't wait!
  6. Lost PARTY! I'm excited.
  7. im super excited and already warned my bf not to call me from 9pm til 11pm.
    Can't wait.
  8. I can't wait! I will definitely be watching tonight....I'm not answering my phone either!
  9. DH and I can't wait, hopefully our 6month old will stay asleep throughtout the finale though we will be TIVOing anyway cos' we are bonkers!
  10. I'll be watching.
  11. I'll be watching, too :cool:
  12. I'll be watching with high hopes....this season has been aggravating!!!:hrmm:
  13. can't wait! i have it taped and have to wait for the bf to come home to watch it! agony!
  14. Who watched it last night?

    I saw bits and pieces of it (I was falling asleep - super tired!) but I got the jist of it.

    I can't wait to watch it tonight....I am definitely staying up for it!
  15. Whoops...sorry for the double post!
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