Lost tonight?

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  1. Anyone excited? Or annoyed?

    I've found myself losing interest this season, but last week was quite a shocker!
  2. I can't wait, I've Tivo'd it so I can fast forward through the commercials :biggrin:
  3. can not wait to see it!LOL!
  4. I am tired of them going back and regurgitating the past over and over but I get excited about the new ones!! Is tonight the last one for the season?
  5. Can't wait to see what Michael's up to...
  6. Been waiting all week...:whistle:

    Methinks Mikey's gonna be on the receiving end of a heck of a lot of flack after what happened last week:noggin: ...we'll see :ninja: .
  7. Cannot wait! Fellow co-worker and I have been talking about it all day!
  8. Can't wait... I've been looking forward to it... I wanna know what's gonna happen to Eko...
  9. me too!
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