Lost tiny hangtag on keyfob

  1. I am so upset because the hangtag from my keyfob is missing. It was bought a few weeks or a month ago and i just started using it because it was one of my christmas gifts. The little ring that was holding it probably got loose and caused the hangtag to fall off. I just noticed it was missing today! Do you think I should'nt be worried and just get over it? I know its just a keyfob and the hangtag is really tiny but it just bothers me. I went to the nearest Coach store around me and they told me to call customer service and i did and they just told me to call a coach store because there is nothing they can do about it. They don't have replacements for those. I called the coach store and they said i would have to talk to a manager because i asked if i could just exchange it and maybe get a new one. I really don't know what to do. Have any of you been in this situation? I'm going to call the manager from the store i ordered my keyfob from and i really hope they have good news for me.
  2. i would take it there and ask. A few weeks ago when I was in the store, a girl next to me just walked in from shopping b/c she just noticed one of the crystals fell off of her keyfob. They looked at it, called JAX and then just exchanged it for a new one!!!!!
  3. I would take it to the store if it bothers you, maybe they will exchange it.
  4. I've heard Coach will replace the hanging tag for free. Make sure to bring the bag in so they can look up the style number and order the corresponding one.
  5. It's not a bag, it was a keyfob. Anyway, I did take it in the store and thankfully they let me get a new one. I'm so happy now. That killed my whole day yesterday but at the end their great customer service helped it out. I love Coach!
  6. Good for you. I would have taken it in and tried to exchange it too. The worst they could have done was tell you no, right? I'm glad you're happy.