LOST (the TV show)!!

  1. Anyone else a major fan of LOST and saw last night's episode?!!??

    ACK! Talk about a major cliffhanger, I want next week to come NOW!!! What do you is going to happen?

    Do you think Libby is dead?? And is Michael one of "the other"?!

    I can't believe Ana Lucia is gone :amazed: The producers insist it's not related but the timing couldn't be better to promote no drunk driving, her character is cut off after she gets caught for drunk driving ;)
  2. ^ haha!! The smiley faces "sporadically" placed tempt you to highlight huh?!
  3. I was shocked!! I was looking at a Lost message board after the show - there are so many different theories! Ana Lucia is definitely dead - you can pretty much tell from the previews, but some people are saying that they think Libby isn't dead - I don't know how that would be possible. Their theories are that she was carrying wine bottles behind the blanket she was carrying and that protected her from the shots. Also, a lot of people are saying they think Claire is Jacks half sister - since Jack's father went to the house of that blonde australian lady and said something like "I should be able to see my daughter". I don't know - I just know that I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episodes! Do you have any theories?
  4. *spoiler*

    I was pretty much shocked last night. I can't believe that Micheal shot AL & Libby. I think AL is gone, except Libby. The producers did promise a flashback eppisode for Libby. So i think she'll survive this. I like Libby cuz she makes Hurley happy :love:

    Did you guys see the preview where Eko fell off the cliff? I can't wait 'til next week. Can't wait.
  5. Me too!! Totally in shocked, it was so unexpected too but when Michael got the gun, I think that's when I figured out what was going to hapen. But libby too, now that was a definitely twister.

    Ohh that wine bottle theory is interesting! I hope she isn't dead so she can expose Michael for the phony he is!!

    I don't have any theories, just lots of wishful thinkings, haha! I can't wait till next week!!
  6. Me too!! Hurley is the nicest guy ever. Oh but the flashback episode from a couple weeks ago with Libby being in the same place as Hurley has me in knots!
  7. How do you guys make it so that you have to highlight to read what you post? I don't want to spoil anything for anyone (but may have already!) I just don't know how to do that!
  8. I screamed out loud last night at the ending. I cannot wait for next week! Did you go to the Hanso foundation website or call the phone number?? http://www.thehansofoundation.org/ if you type in "breaking strain" for the newsletter where you enter your screenname, you'll see something.

    I love all the extras they do for this show (the various websites that ABC sets up, the phone number, etc.).
  9. just change the font color to white.

    Mello Jen,
    Even if Libby lives, i doubt that people are gonna believe her story. May be Hurley remembers where he knows her from and tells everyone that she's crazy :P
  10. Oh don't worry! I think it was ETenebris who introduced this to me but when you want to just "hide" something, change the text color to white.

    It's the little "A" next to the pull-down font size ;)
  11. I went to the website and followed your instruction but it says I need a password. What is it??
  12. Thanks guys for telling me how to do that!
  13. Good theory!! This is so unpredictable!
  14. OMG! I just finished watching this tonight on tape, and I can't believe it.
  15. ^ yea! I think I'm a horrible person to watch TV (and movies) with because I'll scream, cry, jump, at the smallest things. Man, can you imagine how loud I screamed yesterday...?! And I was expecting it!