Lost the hang tags on my legacies

  1. So i was doing some spring cleaning and getting my closet organized, when I noticed that the hang tag on my white hippie was missing. Of course this made me take out all my other coach purses. Then to find out the same thing happened to my whiskey ali! I ended up cleaning my whole car trying to search for them and found the tag and the medallion for my hippie (chain still missing), but not the whiskey.

    I've read before that Coach replaces the leather tags, but will they also replace the chain and the medallion? And do I go to my store or call the number, or email them.

  2. You can call CS and ask. Also if you have a regular SA you could ask them. It probably won't be a problem, but they will probably charge a fee.

    One of the SAs on here could help you with that answer.
  3. I lost mine, too (the hangtag and medallion). I called the 1-800 number and requested a replacement two weeks ago and the phone rep said she'd put in the request. Also, when I was at the Coach store last week, I mentioned it to my SA and she said that she'd put a call in for me, as well. Both said it would take 3-4 weeks to get the replacement.
  4. I have had to have one replaced before so I contacted customer service and they sent me another one. They used to send out leather swatches if you wanted to look at each color but I am sure that they no longer do that.
  5. My hangtag and medallion fell off my bags too, luckily I found them on my porch, why do these fall off alot? I have never lost a hangtag on my other bags.
  6. Yes, I've had mine fall off all of my Legacy bags at some time or another, and thank goodness I always noticed in time and put them back on. I think the "antique brass" looking chains are just not as tightly fitting as the regular ones usually are, not sure why though.