Lost the Aus

  1. Vlad was kind enough to nuke the Aus from my screen name for me (thanks Vlad!). So christine aus is now Christine. Not like it would have been too hard to figure out... :yes:

    Okay.. hope you can all sleep better at night knowing this. :p
  2. That is great, I was wondering when you would finally do that. Glad to see that you did not wait any longer. I feel much better!:party:
  3. LOL. Thanks. Every time I saw my name I would just get annoyed. I had created it in about two seconds when I had a question to ask (did NOT expect this site to be so addicting). Anyhow Vlad is da man.. he set me free of the cruel name situation I got myself into. :yahoo:
  4. Woot woot- Vlad is great, no? :girlsigh:
  5. ^^He is!!! And congrats!!
  6. rebranding can be great
  7. Lol congrats-I'll have to get used to the new name!
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Dam! Shoulda been Christine 2.0. :p
  10. Vlad, can I change my screen name to Anastasia Beaverhousen? :roflmfao:
  11. ^^^:shrugs::shrugs:

  12. I was responding to twinkle.tink's comment about how rebranding can be great by joking about asking to change my name.

    (It's a Will & Grace reference. One character has various aliases, one of them being Anastasia Beaverhousen.)
  13. Oh..okay.. LOL. Got it. :p