Lost Sunglasses

Feb 20, 2006
Something bad happened to me yesterday. :worried: I went shopping at Tyson with my sister. I bought a pair of Rayban at Solstice (the sunglasses store) for my bf. Then we headed to Victoria's Secret. I went into the fitting room to try on the bra (the new one that they just made, called New Secret Embrace Angel.) Then i left my Solstice bag there when i was done. I didn't realize it 'til we were a/b to go home. I went back to VS, but then of course, it was gone. :cry: And the thing was, when told my bf what happend, he thought i was fooling him 'cuz it was April Fool day. :Push:
I'm a little worried thou, i left my receipt in there, should i worry a/b my creditcard? i know it's only the last 4 numbers on the receipt, but still....
Oh no! I'm sorry! I don't think they can get your number off the receipt though because they only show the last 4 numbers, correct?

p.s. I love Solstice (the one at Tysons)! My friend bought some really cute YSL sunglasses there and the woman working was soooo nice that I was tempted to buy more sunglasses myself! :smile:
aww i'm sorry! i still remember when i took my ring (a gift from my mother for my birthday) off in a restroom at the mall to wash my hands and forgot it on the sink! i even went back that night and searched everywhere but it was gone! :sad:
I thought about this yesterday....... and I wanted to tell you to let the store know they were stolen(Where they were purchased from) in CASE the certain thief tries to return them for store credit......its a thought!!!
Sorry to hear about that. That really stinks. Why can't people just do the right thing and turn in things they find? You should call it in to your cc company and see if it's covered. I hope it is!
*sigh* I checked at the VS counter but noone turned it in. I also went back to Solstice and told them what happen. The guy was so nice, he told me that he'd call me if someone tries to return the pair for store credit. However, i haven't heard anything, so i guess it's gone. However, you ladies are really great, you really cheer me up.:love: Thanks.

p.s. Marie, sorrie to hear a/b your lost ring. IntlSet, it's good to know that im not the only one that leave stuff in dressing room. :lol:
pidgeon92 said:
Report the loss to your credit card company, they may credit you.

I agree....report the lost. You should file a police report too...it should help bolster your case with the CC company. I'm sorry it happened to you...Tyson's has gotten busier and busier since the new expansion opened up.