lost stuff? want to puke? join me!

  1. After YEARS of not losing ANYTHING I've discovered that in the last month I've lost

    1 Diamond Ring (the one from th jewelry thread)
    1 Cameo Ring
    1 Tiffany Diamond Heart locket (1st present from the kids)
    My favourite black cardigan EVER.


    Plus I have PMS. I am ready to KILL!!!!!
  2. Aw :sad: I hope it all resurfaces!
  3. oh gosh....I am so sorry....I know how you feel...esp with the PMS. Hope you feel better.

    All those items are probably just lying around the house. I am sure you will find them. Feel better.:love:
  4. Hope you find it all.
  5. AH also this afternoon!!!
    My Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses broke!!!
    The arm came off as I was wearing them, just snapped, without me bending or moving them.

    So weird.
    All of this bad luck.

    Thanks for the wishes girls.
    I hope I find these items, esp. the sentimental ones.
    I think I left my locket at the gym.
    The rest is a mystery.

    I'm trying to remember the last time I wore my sweater, rings etc. And I just can't.

    Losing clothing is odd. I suppose I took it off somewhere and left it. I'm just amazed that it wasn't stuffed in the back of my closet or car.
  6. Hope you dont have a new cleaning person...LOL..Thats how my stuff"DISAPPEARED"....
  7. Oh, no! I hope it turns up. That's horrible!
  8. I am sending good wishes your way. I hope they turn up somehow.

  9. that happened to mine too, it's a manufacturing fault, take them back!

    i HATE losing stuff, i lost my watch in may, i'm sure i lost it at home (or at a push my parents' place) and it's not as if it's the hugest place ever but i just can't find it :Push: :crybaby:

    and i lost a ring this summer and it has to be at the summer house so i can't do anything about that until next year :hysteric:
  10. hope you find them soon..
  11. Awwww I'm so sorry!!! I hope you find them soon!!!

    I've had my share of bad luck lately too (just today, my brand new umbrella broke, it hailed while I was outside and I got frost bites...!)... it really sucks :crybaby:Hope your luck changes for the better soon!! :flowers::shame:
  12. Ooo I now how you feel!!

    I lost no less than four pairs of $250+ Revo sunglasses, one right after the other. It's just painful :Push:

    Hopefully your luck will pick up!!! :flowers:
  13. Oh I know how you feel! My teen and I have lost a diamond necklace, 2 diamond rings, tiffany heart bracelet, and an ankle bracelet. I guess someone is enjoying their finds!

    2007 will be a better year!
  14. Oh that's the WORST! I sure hope your stuff turns up soon :yes: .

    I lost my favorite jersey knit black ruched tank...but I only have myself to blame as I was getting a little over zealous throwing things in a goodwill bag and it must have slipped in. :crybaby:
  15. I don't usually lose stuff, but I recently lost the Eiffel tower key ring that my daughter brought me back from Paris last year.:crybaby: The only key on it was my PO box key (which I was able to replace - for a fee $$:s), but I LOVED that key ring! It was a miniature Eiffel tower with PARIS on one side. :sad: If any of you PFers in Paris see one somewhere, I'd love to get another one!:yes:and would be happy to pay you for the trouble.:flowers: It looks like this one, but silver in color.