Lost stone in keychain

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  1. I noticed yesterday that one of the "teeth" are missing from Jack of my Jack and Lucie keychain....anyone have this happen and if so did LV want to do anything about it? I will call but just wanted to see if anyone had dealt with this yet.

  2. I would call them or take it in
  3. I think it might be under warranty because it's a manufacturer's defect (the stones should not fall out if the glue LV uses is strong enough). As long as your keychain doesn't look like it's been run over it with a car (OH LORD I HOPE NOT! :wtf:) then I believe it should be covered under warranty? How long as it been since you first bought it?
  4. Take it in if it's still is under warranty. Yikes!!!!!!
  5. I have both combos and mine are ok...I'd definitely take it in.