lost spy glass to wisteria..can it be replaced??? keeping my fingers crossed!

  1. Hello,

    I am thinking of purchasing a Fendi Spy Wisteria (honey colored - see pic below)...it is missing the spy glass. Help! Can the spy glass be replaced somehow?

    I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you within advance for any assistance you can provide with regards to this matter.

    Thank you! best wishes. :heart::heart::heart:

    pic courtesy of: Litigatrix...thank you!
  2. beautifulbasics, I just want to note that on the auction you are referring to, the bag is missing a lot more than just the spy glass. In fact, it is missing the entire spy wand. I agree with BagLady that it would be very difficult to replace this. Fendi only makes repairs on bags which you bought from Fendi, and department stores have similar policies. Unless the seller can provide you with the receipt, and the bag was purchased within the last year, it won't happen. Even if they do replace it, it is difficult to know how much it would cost you. Personally, I do not think that bag is worth the hassle.
  3. What is spy glass? :confused1:
  4. it's this little mirror on the end of the wand.
  5. Opps!

    Thank you soooo much for all of your help....I thought the spy glass referred to the whole wand and glass at the end, so sorry for the inconvenince! I absolutely love the Wisteria bag and am stil dreaming of my first Spy bag. I am getting restless and agree, I will pass on this one. Thanks again for all of your help! best wishes