Lost Speedy Keys

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  1. I lost the keys to the lock on my Speedy... :oh:

    LV will give me a new set of keys, right?
  2. I think so but probably you'll have to pay for them.
  3. You can have one of mine, I have several of them...they've never been used. Whenever I got a LV, I took the lock/key off and threw them in a drawer...never cared for them.
  4. If you look on the bottom of the lock, next to the keyhole there is a number engraved. You will have to give LV that number to get a spare set of keys for that lock.
  5. This happened to me too and I took my speedy to LV with the lock still attached and my SA removed the lock and gave me (free of charge) a new lock & keys:biggrin:
  6. Yeah... I lost keys for my Keepall's lock. I called Vuitton and asked if I could just get new keys, but she said the likelihood of finding keys to the lock was slim, so I would probably have to buy a whole new lock/key set. Luckily, I found the keys. *phew*
  7. I have never lost my keys, but I would think that they would replace them or give you a new one free of charge!?!?

    Please let us know the outcome.
  8. I just spoke to SA from Louis Vuitton in Toronto and they told me that if you lose the keys, they (LV store) will open the lock for you so you can take off the lock and you have to buy a new lock w/keys.
  9. I accidentally threw my keys away in the trash. LV gave me a replacement key at no charge. Just give them the number on your lock.
  10. I had to pay $26 for a new lock and keys. Hmm...does LV even have consistent policies?
  11. There does seem to be a consistency problem :wondering if you were charged for the lock and key. In fact I was given a lock and key for my mini HL at no charge when I questioned why it did not originally come with one.