Lost - Season 3

  1. So Who's Ready for Tonight? :yes:
  2. ME!! I'm so excited:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. me! i can't wait!!!:yahoo:
  4. Me, too!!!! :happydance:
  5. I've been obsessing since last week!!!! I teach a class tonight that doesn't end until 8 - I'm literally going to be throwing my students out of my class after it ends so I can be home when it starts!!!!!
  6. it starts tonight? :wtf: I missed Foxy!
  7. God... i still don't have it on my country!!!
    please tell us every detail!!! :yahoo:
  8. I READY!!! it's comes on at 9 here so does my One Tree Hill so I'll have to tivo Lost. Can't wait It's gonna be good.
  9. MEEEE!!!! I can't wait! I was actually playing the online LOST experience game during the summer to help with my lost withdrawl, before I found tpf, so I am ready to start my LOST obsession again. Too bad House is on at the same time; I'll just have to catch it later. Do you think we'll get a bit of closure for what happened in the season finale? My guess: NO!
  10. Watching it right now:yahoo:
  11. OMG fantastic season premier. The first five minutes were so AHHHHHHH!!
  12. OK..it was GREAT...CANT WAIT till next week now..LOL
  13. Do you think Jack is faking it? (No spoilers!)
  14. Sniff. Were just at the beginning of season 2 here :biggrin: But here in Finland House is also on at the same time, funny :biggrin:
  15. I'm really afraid that this show will spin off into another "X-Files" for me.